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  • Sir E. Hooves III eaglehooves Sir E. Hooves III Cleveland, Ohio

    Just as a clarification, the name (if I'm not using a gag one) is a reference to my time with the BSA. Three big interests (excluding ponies) are cars, computers, and scouting, and the last one means the most to me (There's a very long, personal, story there) (plus the fleur-de-leis looks nice). For the people linked here, the '/signature' is pretty much my universal signature for texts and emails, and the one thing that my pony and non-pony accounts have in common across the web. Other than that, I'm your average pegasus from the suburbs. Also, I finally got a dedicated e-mail: eaglehooves (at) gmail, a dedicated pony Skype: eagle.hooves, and am on Steam as "Lord Elusive"

  • Brandon König brandyjaxon Brandon König San Diego, California, USA

    I'm awesome, I like Halo: Reach, CoD series, i'm 11 year old in California, I like MLP (no durr). I'm on Facebook and my XBOX Live gamertag is BrandyJaxon.

  • Andrew Friesen andranator2 Andrew Friesen Delta, BC

    New brony as of sept. 2011 I <3 Rainbow dash and I draw ponies :D

  • lilytheamazingfaintingpony lilytheamazingfaintingpony Østlandet, Norway


  • Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster) neuroaster Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Have you told a normal person how boring they are today? :)

  • Aly Copeland rainbowdash17 Aly Copeland Cloudsdale, Equestria, USA

    I LOOOOOOVE MLP FIM!!!! It's the best show EVER! Rainbow Dash is the best pony! :D I AM A GIRL! Shoot me a message anytime! i love to talk! also email me when u want, just make sure u say that you're from rdn. My email is [email protected] Have a ponytastic day!

  • Apoorva pandora Apoorva Colorado

    One day your life will flash before your eyes; make sure it's worth watching.

  • Mac macpony55 Mac United States

    I dunno, I suppose I do stuff, there's pretty much no limit to the stuff I do. Enjoy new things, enjoy old things, talk to me about something, maybe I'll know what you're sayin', or maybe I won't and I'll be learning something new. Win-Win, for me at least. macpony55 is my name for DA, skype, msn, steam, and pretty much everything else. Also, DOWN WITH MONSANTO!

  • Austin Merritt sirbrony123 Austin Merritt Pennsylvania

    I am a very loving and caring person/Brony. The show has changed me in so many ways that I feel like a brand new person. Anyways, I have a facebook, so feel free to add me if you wish.

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