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  • cat diaz cat cat diaz United States
  • Patricia Weber pinkiederp Patricia Weber Beloit, WI http://www.facebook.com/LeaF317

    I attend Beloit College. I live in Gurnee, IL for the summer. My major is Human Sexuality, Track 3 Education and a Music minor. I plan on being a sex educator. The music minor is a hobby minor. I play the oboe and know a little guitar and piano. I call myself a brony, despite me being the female sex. I tend to be on !skype more but feel free to send me a notice on RDN and I will reply.

  • Luke Goldfain awsumluke Luke Goldfain Bourbonnais (Kankakee), IL, USA http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1503304680

    I am going into high school, and I love video games and anime. Recently, my life has been invaded by ponies, and I don't care who knows. I'd love to get to know some people in my area that really share my passion.


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