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  1. i guess i'll play sister location

    Friday, 07-Oct-16 22:24:06 UTC from web
  2. And at the end of the video I will say "thanks for watching remember, to like, comment, and subscribe cause I'm milking views with this game"

    Friday, 07-Oct-16 22:19:37 UTC from web
    • Let me buy fnaf sister something, beat it in an hour and refund it while making youtube videos of it. That will get me 10000000 subscribers

      Friday, 07-Oct-16 22:18:17 UTC from web
    • For the record, I HATE Pepe the Frog, but the fact that a 9gag meme is currently on the same internationally moderated list of white supremacist symbols as the cherrying swastika is beyond hilarious to me.

      Friday, 07-Oct-16 22:08:37 UTC from web
    • WAIT I just lied, I AM SUBSCRIBED

      Friday, 07-Oct-16 22:11:48 UTC from web
      • And for this whole time I never subscribed to Matt's channel. I'm an asshole.

        Friday, 07-Oct-16 22:10:38 UTC from web
        • OH GOD. I knew the youtube comments were cringy but the livestream ones are worst. It's the comments only LIVE. Do you want to rp. LOL FUNNY VIDEO MAN

          Friday, 07-Oct-16 22:07:33 UTC from web
        • So my Jacket has came in, I just need my shirt to come in

          Friday, 07-Oct-16 22:04:45 UTC from web
          • Spook is in us all

            Friday, 07-Oct-16 22:04:14 UTC from web
          • Let's vote for RDN to leave the fediverse

            Friday, 07-Oct-16 18:51:17 UTC from web
          • this is brexit all over again, democracy sucks

            Friday, 07-Oct-16 18:49:35 UTC from web
          • Hey RDN, which of these Pinkies Pie should be my new avatar?

            Friday, 07-Oct-16 18:43:32 UTC from web
          • Oh god youtube is being infested with the new fnaf game

            Friday, 07-Oct-16 18:34:52 UTC from web
          • Like this guy. At the time his name was "celticking33" and he made a review telling me my video sucked. I responded with "why is there a 33 after your name? are there 32 other celtic kings? if so, the celtics should probably get their politics in order." So he sends me this PM.

            Thursday, 06-Oct-16 23:35:39 UTC from web

            Monday, 03-Oct-16 16:33:28 UTC from web
            • get spooked

              Sunday, 02-Oct-16 22:52:00 UTC from web
            • tag someone who always wipes their mouth when they leave a bathroom

              Sunday, 02-Oct-16 14:48:00 UTC from web
            • WHY IS ThIS ON STEAM

              Sunday, 02-Oct-16 14:42:30 UTC from web
              • wait what

                Sunday, 02-Oct-16 14:42:23 UTC from web
                • Rip rips

                  Saturday, 01-Oct-16 17:49:26 UTC from web
                  • i wonder if my cat understands me when i tell him i'm going to punt him across a football field

                    Saturday, 01-Oct-16 01:25:34 UTC from web
                  • i would get brain surgery specifically so i could re-experience hearing to the blade for the first time

                    Friday, 30-Sep-16 23:50:49 UTC from web
                  • moonman

                    Friday, 30-Sep-16 21:38:05 UTC from web
                  • And before anyone asks, the secretary was the one who changed the topic to horse porn, not me

                    Friday, 30-Sep-16 17:22:42 UTC from web
                  • holy FrankerZ mario calm down

                    Friday, 30-Sep-16 15:34:03 UTC from web
                  • spoopy skeletons

                    Thursday, 29-Sep-16 03:43:59 UTC from web
                  • Okay I should actually make the long awaited sequel to 2spooky4me

                    Thursday, 29-Sep-16 00:38:11 UTC from web

                      Thursday, 29-Sep-16 00:37:45 UTC from web
                      • Big promises, all talk

                        Tuesday, 27-Sep-16 15:41:15 UTC from web
                        • Potato Knishes THIS IS MY NEW SHIRT

                          Monday, 26-Sep-16 18:46:46 UTC from web