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  1. “Stronger than You” but it’s a Kanye West-produced remix

    about 3 hours ago from web
    • Which I think in a way contributed to my confusion. The only person I knew personally who used the pan sexual term just used it interchangeably anyway.

      about 4 hours ago from web
      • Time for me to be a big boy and come out and admit that I don’t know the difference between bisexuals and pansexuals. I have heard each definition. My brain can not comprehend a difference.

        about a day ago from web
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        • @mrmattimation @scribus I think ultimately it's a semantic difference more than anything. some people interpret "bi" as a term that excludes enby/intersex folks but this is obviously not necessarily true - for some people it might just be more convenient as it's pretty widely understood, or it might just sound better to them. "pan" is a more recent prefix to sound more all-encompassing, but this will inevitably be subject to confusion and the same joke over and over. i don't think either term is inherently exclusionary (although i do think most terms for sexuality are clunky and outdated at this point) and it kind of just comes down to what word you prefer the sound/feel of and how you want to present yourself

          about 10 hours ago in context
        • citation: me, who has dabbled in both terms and settled on just using "??!?"

          about 10 hours ago in context
        • @tiff I guess this makes sense. My pan/bi ex used them interchangeably because, in her own words, “bi” was easier for people to understand in casual conversation and “pan” was technically more correct, though she didn’t mind being called either.

          about 4 hours ago in context
      • in a clear power grab by Democrats, Virginia has just repealed mandatory segregation

        about 8 hours ago from web
        • (Not that I condone using the name “Hussein” disparagingly, it just makes more sense to me as an American who grew up in the 2000s than grapeing “Rodham”.

          about 19 hours ago from web
        • Using Hillary Rodham Clinton’s full name disparagingly always felt super goofy to me. They didn’t call her that when she was a Senator, or even the First Lady, right? So it feels like a successor to using Obama’s middle name disparagingly, but it just doesn’t work because there wasn’t a terrorist with the name “Rodham”.

          about 19 hours ago from web
          • We just got Coca Cola’s new energy drink in the store, I went ahead and took some before they hit the shelves to try it out. It’s pretty impressive in that it just tastes like Coke. So why’s everything else taste like it’s got gasoline in it?

            about a day ago from web
          • 2016 was the return of Reaganomics. 2020’s gonna be the return of the Supreme Court deciding our elections for us

            about a day ago from web
          • Maybe

            about 2 days ago from web
            • I have more money saved up currently than I ever have in my entire life. Anyway that should get me through a single semester of college.

              about 2 days ago from web
              • I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for months and I never tried the online mode. A friend got the game last week so I booted it up today. Was way more fun than I thought it would be. We ended up playing for three hours, accomplishing absolutely nothing but still having a blast.

                about 2 days ago from web
                • I wrote up an employee last night without giving my boss a heads up first, which I’m normally super hesitant to do. The guy’s a total prick and he’s been nasty to me and several customers for weeks now and I got sick of it, so I filled out the form. I came in today to learn, of course, that my boss threw it away.... because mine actually wasn’t harsh enough. He wrote his own that was waaaay more detailed.

                  about 2 days ago from web
                • not to be a total papaya but seeing my mum in a healthy relationship with a nice dude who doesn't have any sort of alcohol dependency makes me very happy to see

                  about 2 days ago from web
                • I used to be a very angry kid. I’m still angry now, but it’s evolved into petty passive-aggressiveness. Part of that is that I don’t like confrontation anymore. The other part of it is that, as an adult in retail management, I can express myself with official documents so that everyone in the company knows what a prick you are. A lot more satisfying than hitting people, IMO

                  about 3 days ago from web
                  • I’m basically crossing my fingers that his kid, who I work with, says enough nice things about me.

                    about 5 days ago from web
                    • Good news: between the altercation last night and the official report being written up today, the lady dropped her bogus assault accusation. Bad news: the remaining stuff is really difficult to disprove because none of these cameras have microphones so it really comes down to my word versus hers.

                      about 6 days ago from web
                      • @mrmattimation Are you on HR's "good" side, at least? I have a suspicion things like this tend to come down to whether or not they already want to change the roster.

                        about 5 days ago in context
                      • @scribus At the risk of sounding like a pompous, arrogant prick: I’m one of the most valuable employees here and everyone knows it. The store management team likes me. They all said they’d back me up to the best of their abilities. I’m not worried about them. The district manager has a habit of making problems “disappear”.

                        about 5 days ago in context
                    • hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was good, I’ve been accused of sexual harassment by a shoplifter and might lose my job, I really wish I was joking

                      about 7 days ago from web
                    • thinkin i should bring this back, who's here for the squigglevision renaissance

                      about 8 days ago from web
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                      • @mrmattimation potentially EVEN CHEAPER, lazier, and faster than the actual OG Squigglevision was - this is one single drawing, modified by a random seed in Adobe After Effects, which can be saved into a preset and applied to virtually any animation footage of any frame rate at any screen resolution with a single click - boil rate and intensity can be easily modified with a few clicks too. It’s like an instagram filter or something like that.

                        about 8 days ago in context
                    • My labor union is making it very difficult for me to be pro-union tbh. These guys objectively suck.

                      about 12 days ago from web
                      • Well I guess it would, but I cancel myself out.

                        about 15 days ago from web
                        • would you believe i don’t drink anymore????

                          about 16 days ago from web
                        • would you believe I took up drinking in the first place??? college was great

                          about 16 days ago from web
                          • why was it such a big deal that Anakin Skywalker had a secret wife, and why did she need to be a secret, did anyone ever watch the Clone Wars show?? Obi-Wan was a FrankerZing grapey-slaying Potato Knishes machine, this man kiwied CONSTANTLY and nobody seemed to give a rat's ass about it.

                            about 16 days ago from web
                          • NOBODY was safe from Obi-Wan’s dick, old Ben was an “anything that moves” kinda guy, this guy FrankerZed a sith, like, I think we need to be talking about what a slut that guy was before we talk about Anakin’s nuclear family

                            about 16 days ago from web
                            • i hope Adult Swim's april fools prank this year is that they swapped the programming with Cartoon Network and kids are gonna wake up to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force instead of Teen Titans or whatever kids watch these days

                              about 16 days ago from web
                              • I just walked into Dairy Queen and a guy that I had fired was working the counter, which I think is as awkward as awkward gets.

                                about 16 days ago from web
                                • Well that was as depressing as it was unsurprising

                                  about 16 days ago from web
                                • Trump claiming on Twitter that he’ll be President forever is awfully premature considering his age and the way he eats. I’m not even sure he’d be able to finish a second term.

                                  about 16 days ago from web
                                  • Pete Buttigieg really out here bein gay and doin crimes

                                    about 17 days ago from web
                                    • What the Potato Knishes is going on in Iowa

                                      about 18 days ago from web