1. This is what I think about fashion. The better you look, the more people look at you. Look rubbish and people will look away, look great and people will look at you. Look silly and people will take photographs so they can look at you forever. Therefore, this puts me at the height of all style.

    Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:03:46 UTC from web
    1. @sarramore Is that you? O.o

      Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:05:42 UTC from web
      1. @flaxx Yes! That is me (On Wednesday)

        Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:06:38 UTC from web
        1. @sarramore Dude, you look awesome!

          Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:08:46 UTC from web
          1. @flaxx Thankyou, I try my best. You know, I am suprisingly into fashion. I bet Vogue will be saying we should all be wearing tweed this winter... So I will do something different and stand out from the crowd.

            Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:12:27 UTC from web
            1. @sarramore Heh, I have no interest whatsoever in fashion. I wear whatever I find comfortable, and don't give a single solitary hoot about what others think of it. :P

              Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:13:46 UTC from web
              1. @flaxx In truth, I'm the same. I was just showing off my fashion knowledge.

                Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:20:47 UTC from web
                1. @sarramore Heh, if your clothing in that picture was fashion, I'd be a total fashion freak. 'Cause then fashion would be interesting.

                  Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:22:39 UTC from web
    2. @hoit21 I sure am!

      Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:12:04 UTC from web
    3. @hoit21

      Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:13:14 UTC from web
      1. @mrdragon Aaaw that picture's so cute. :3

        Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:13:40 UTC from web
      2. @mrdragon I approve of this picture.

        Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:14:12 UTC from web
    4. @hoit21 Just hanging around here and chatting with someone from another forum. You?

      Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:17:09 UTC from web
    5. @hoit21 From her ask page on tumblr :P Had to have it.

      Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:18:08 UTC from web
    6. @hoit21 Who's awesome? Ruby Pinch Is!

      Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:21:29 UTC from web
    7. @hoit21 Wanna... chat on Skype? >.>

      Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:21:42 UTC from web
    8. @hoit21 Well, I'm signing in now.

      Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:29:25 UTC from web
      1. @flaxx Try this one! hahahah

        Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:30:17 UTC from web
        1. @mrdragon Oh Japan, u so crazy.

          Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:39:19 UTC from web
          1. @flaxx I love them, they are the greatest race of people I have ever met :D

            Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:39:41 UTC from web
            1. @mrdragon I don't think I've ever met any Japanese, so the only knowledge of them comes from the internet, so...

              Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:43:50 UTC from web
              1. @flaxx I've met many, when I went to Newcastle Collage there was a LOT of them there. Not sure why, but o well. I met like one of them, then it was like the entire campus got to know me over a week or so.

                Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:45:09 UTC from web
                1. @mrdragon Hehe, sounds awesome. :P And just for the record, I don't think all Japanese people are completely crazy. :P

                  Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:50:33 UTC from web
                  1. @flaxx No not all are, but a hell of a lot of them are. They ain't afraid of nothing, even that Tsunami won't keep them down for long. That was a bad day :(

                    Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:51:50 UTC from web
                2. @mrdragon You went to college in Newcastle? Heh, my dad's side of the family live there.

                  Sunday, 28-Aug-11 20:10:15 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                  1. @leonkfox I thought I told you this once before? :P

                    Sunday, 28-Aug-11 20:10:44 UTC from web
                    1. @mrdragon I don't remember this ^^;

                      Sunday, 28-Aug-11 20:31:17 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                      1. @leonkfox I don't think you remember much to be honest :P

                        Sunday, 28-Aug-11 20:36:50 UTC from web
                        1. @mrdragon Oi, that is not true! :P

                          Monday, 29-Aug-11 02:38:59 UTC from web
    9. @sarramore dat stash

      Sunday, 28-Aug-11 19:34:24 UTC from web

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