1. Evening all, hows things?

    Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:44:39 UTC from web
    1. @rotation Good good!

      Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:46:24 UTC from web
    2. @pawnheart All right. How are ye?

      Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:47:01 UTC from web
      1. @thelastgherkin Gooood! I'm okay, friend came round with some beers, and through a combination of drunk-philosophy and touchy-feely family stuff, it took us four and a half hours to watch Alien3.

        Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:49:55 UTC from web
        1. @pawnheart That happened to me only it was four hours to watch Spaceballs with friends due to random tangents.

          Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:51:45 UTC from web
          1. @sinsofhope Ha! Sounds like we had pretty much the same night. You okay anyhoo?

            Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:52:59 UTC from web
            1. @pawnheart LOL There where rum involved, it was a good weekend! Really need to do that more often!

              Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:54:20 UTC from web
              1. @sinsofhope Good stuff!

                Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:56:53 UTC from web
              2. @sinsofhope Sounds nice!

                Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:58:10 UTC from web
        2. @pawnheart Sounds fun! Alien 3 has # in, and he's only my favourite all time person. :3

          Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:52:48 UTC from web
          1. @thelastgherkin Paul McGann is awesome, tis true. Twas good. Was ironing through most of it though! Got a fair bit to do before saturday! I'm psyched, I freely confess...

            Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:56:32 UTC from web
    3. @pawnheart Got SH6 done =D

      Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:47:39 UTC from web
      1. @tenmihara Yeah! I caught your response, Good stuff! gonna read it tonight!

        Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:48:34 UTC from web
        1. @pawnheart You got through part 5 then, yes?

          Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:49:49 UTC from web
          1. @tenmihara Did you not get my DM?

            Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:50:55 UTC from web
            1. @pawnheart It would seem not. Also, what's a DM? Is that on here?

              Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:52:01 UTC from web
              1. @tenmihara nvm, found it

                Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:52:24 UTC from web
              2. @tenmihara well... have you checked your inbox? Just left a couple of comments. Really liked it btw.

                Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:52:33 UTC from web
                1. @pawnheart Here's part 6 Comes up a bit shorter than most of the other parts, but the other stuff I wanted to add felt like it would flow better as part of the following part

                  Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:53:51 UTC from web
                  1. @tenmihara Thanks! I found your comment in my replies actually... just haven't had the chance to read it til now. Gonna do it ASAP though.

                    Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:57:43 UTC from web
                    1. @pawnheart *nodnod* Gotcha

                      Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:58:40 UTC from web
                      1. @tenmihara ??

                        Thursday, 15-Sep-11 22:04:37 UTC from web
        2. @pawnheart HEY! Thank you so much for the drawing! I like it a bit more than the way I draw my own OC XD I wouldn't have had any idea it was your first pony attempt if Cerulean hadn't told me!

          Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:50:57 UTC from web
          1. @renna You are quite welcome. Thank YOU. I was kinda working in the dark, based on comments, so it is probably very different from what your idea for your OC was!

            Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:54:39 UTC from web
            1. @pawnheart this is her, kind of a papayasty drawing but whatever >_< I liked your take on her enough that I may alter her design a bit to look more like it though

              Thursday, 15-Sep-11 21:57:39 UTC from web
              1. @renna Wow... its amazing how, basically working off the same technical information, two folk can come up with such different ideas! Cheers for sharing that! I like it! By the way... if you want me to modify mine, I'll do my best,I just won't be able to get much done on it til Sunday and on. Thanks so much for mine... again I think you added parts to my OC that I would have preferred it to have... Bizarrely, it probably looks more like the human me than my initial pony creator version!

                Thursday, 15-Sep-11 22:03:11 UTC from web
                1. @pawnheart That's excellent to know :D What, may I ask, did I add that you approved of?

                  Thursday, 15-Sep-11 22:06:19 UTC from web
                  1. @renna Well, firstly, I like the fact that my horn is much smaller. I also like the gentler, less manic expression! The mane suits me far better as well... resembling far more (suspiciously more!) my real hair!. I also like the fact that it has a far more "organic" pose, if you will. The proportions seem right to me too... looking back at my initial pass... it seems a little too "foal-like", maybe? So thank you, your enhancements were very much appreciated!

                    Thursday, 15-Sep-11 22:11:16 UTC from web
                  2. @renna How are things with you, anyway?

                    Thursday, 15-Sep-11 22:14:58 UTC from web
              2. @renna I think the drawing is a lot better than you think it is.

                Friday, 16-Sep-11 02:37:14 UTC from web