1. @suptiger whats up my names Justin, I like MLP of course, i cant believe there are bronys in Oklahoma of all places its awesome, i live in wagoner for right now but moving to Tulsa in a month gonna need some people to hang out with wondering if you wanted too, me and you have some of the same interests, well i guess that's it just reply back or whatever :)

    Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 22:53:17 UTC from web
    1. @hellsedge Hello, Justin.

      Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 22:53:56 UTC from web
      1. @ponybis whats up Pokebis, so i'm guessing you live around Tulsa or at least in OK, i'm glad to see some fellow bronys in OK its awesome :)

        Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 22:57:48 UTC from web
        1. @hellsedge I'm unsure where you're getting that. If it's the little map it's dead wrong. I live in Indiana.

          Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 22:59:18 UTC from web
          1. @ponybis haha oh sorry i dont know what the hell i was thinking whatever xDDD, so what do you like besides MLP

            Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:03:37 UTC from web
            1. @hellsedge Video games, satire, and surrealism.

              Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:04:40 UTC from web
              1. @ponybis i like video games as well, also post hardcore music, also im an artist :)

                Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:06:23 UTC from web
                1. @hellsedge Happy Hardcore is one of my favorite genres of music, but I don't like thrash metal or speedcore if that's what you're referring to. Some rap is okay if that's what it is.

                  Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:08:25 UTC from web
                  1. @ponybis awesome and no i wasnt refering to thrash metal or speedcore those sub genres kinda suck xDDD. Yeah some rap is okay depending on who it is, also what bands do you like. I like stuff like asking alexandria, falling in reverse, escape the fate and Alesana .

                    Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:11:35 UTC from web
                    1. @hellsedge I like ryu*, kors k, Scott Brown, DJ S3RL, some Basshunter stuff and similar things. I'm not good at following single artists.

                      Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:14:14 UTC from web
                      1. @ponybis awesome i like basshunter as well :), well i guess ill talk to ya later seeya :)

                        Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:16:59 UTC from web
    2. @abigpony do you mean hardcore becuase i like hardcore just as much but escape the fate is more post hardcore than harcore, i also like anything else that shares similarities to rock music :)

      Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:23:15 UTC from web
    3. @abigpony oh haha awesome yeah i can scream i used to do it for talent but now i just do it for fun, i'm more of an artist than a singer now as you can tell by my avatar which is one of my small drawings, so i'm guessing you like similar music as well ? :)

      Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:30:31 UTC from web
    4. @abigpony yeah hardcore is pretty awesome :), i saw your gamertag on your profile mines hellthehedgehog as you can tell i like sonic the hedgehog also xDDD

      Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:35:51 UTC from web
    5. @abigpony haha yep first sonic fandom, now pony fandom xDDD

      Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:42:39 UTC from web
    6. @abigpony hell yeah now lets talk about ponys whos your favorite Applebloom i'm guessing :)

      Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:47:40 UTC from web
    7. @abigpony awesome Twilight and Fluttershy are my favorite, i cant choose between background characters their all so awesome i guess derpy :)

      Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:53:23 UTC from web
    8. @abigpony yeah i guess its time to wrap it up, ill talk to ya later man seeya :)

      Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 23:58:09 UTC from web
    9. @hellsedge Hey Justin. My name's Randy. It's great to meet another Tulsa brony. It would be great to meet up some time and hang out. It certainly does sound like we have some of the same interests! It will be awesome to meet up with you in a month! And I'm sure we will be having some sort of Tulsa Brony meetup around that time too, so that should coincide pretty well

      Thursday, 22-Sep-11 03:33:28 UTC from web
      1. @suptiger yeah i should be up there in a month if not ill still go up there for the meet up its not that far away from where i live now, if i move up there in a month and there is no meet up planned we will still figure out a way to hang out :)

        Thursday, 22-Sep-11 04:33:53 UTC from web