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  1. @brony001 !tulsabronies Love the flyer! Great job setting this up guys! I'll try to be there on Wednesday, if the weather isn't too bad.

    Monday, 19-Mar-12 17:33:25 UTC from web in context
  2. @bawbrony I think that sounds like a great idea! It's true that meet-ups have been met with little triumph and it would be phenomenal to be able to meet up with fellow bronies. Hopefully it all works out fine and we can have a good meet-up!

    Friday, 24-Feb-12 00:02:27 UTC from web in context
  3. !tulsabronies Had a great time at the party! Can't wait for the next one! :D

    Friday, 21-Oct-11 05:18:17 UTC from web in context
  4. @magnanimous Its good to have you in the group! :)

    Thursday, 20-Oct-11 19:36:39 UTC from web in context
  5. @hellsedge That's fine with me. Just message me when you feel like it!

    Monday, 17-Oct-11 22:22:07 UTC from web in context
  6. @hellsedge Unfortunately I don't have a camera or mic so I don't Skype, but I'm up for any other mode of conversation

    Monday, 17-Oct-11 00:39:55 UTC from web in context
  7. @hellsedge Hey Justin. My name's Randy. It's great to meet another Tulsa brony. It would be great to meet up some time and hang out. It certainly does sound like we have some of the same interests! It will be awesome to meet up with you in a month! And I'm sure we will be having some sort of Tulsa Brony meetup around that time too, so that should coincide pretty well

    Thursday, 22-Sep-11 03:33:28 UTC from web in context
  8. K, this weekend I went on a trip with my family. It was pretty fun I guess. Kinda busy and tiring though. I'm still bummed because I could have gone to the Tulsa Brony meetup. I heard it was fun, even if it was only two people. I also could have gone to a party my friend was having. It was supposed to be fun also. Oh well. I still get to go to my friends party next weekend. It's a MLP season two party so it's going to be pretty exciting. There's a lot of new clips and such over season two on the MLP Facebook page, which is pretty cool too.

    Tuesday, 13-Sep-11 21:20:26 UTC from web
  9. @starshine Ah, really? I just breezed through the article after I got home. Guess I just got excited. Sorry for the mix-up then.

    Friday, 09-Sep-11 22:25:31 UTC from web in context
  10. Third Season of MLP is confirmed! Maybe. It was mentioned in an interview I guess, but it's still super exciting! And Season 2 is in 9 days! More exciting news! Just so much stuff to be juiced up about! But in other news, life is boring...I'm going on a vacation with my family tomorrow. This is why I have to miss the Tulsa Brony meetup...Darn it! Oh well. Hopefully I'll have fun. Also, new screenshot from season two! Pretty sweet! :D

    Friday, 09-Sep-11 22:20:07 UTC from web in context
  11. Today was so boring! Rawr! Nothing happened all day! Besides I talked about anime and watched Americas Got Talent. But I do that everyday (well, I don't watch AGT but I watch some show...). Very repetitive. :( There's a new pony shirt at Hot Topic I guess. It's about the same as the one they took off, but it's still pretty slick. I guess that's about it. I wish I had more to talk about...

    Thursday, 08-Sep-11 03:57:39 UTC from web
  12. Well dang! My internets been down all weekend...So I guess I'll give a rundown of my weekend. Friday I went and played bowling after school and made plans with a friend to have a MLP party on the 17th! Season 2! :D Saturday, I went to the mall, saw a movie, and hung out with some friends at the ice cream parlor. Sunday, I mowed my lawn....Ugh! But it was cool out, so that's a plus. And after, I went and to a baseball game. It's been a while since I went to one! And Monday, I built a new bookshelf for my room (I'm running out of space) and went to the mall again. It was a different mall this time. I went to look at the HotTopic in the other mall but they didnt have Brony shirts there either! NOooooooo! But I had a good time. Spent most of the day at Barnes and Noble. Then today was about the same as usual. I fell asleep in Zoology and have some homework to do. Sang some pony songs on the bus! I love doing that! X3

    Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 20:46:37 UTC from web
  13. Tech today was much better than it has been the rest of the week. I didn't fall asleep today! But that was about the most eventful thing that happened today...It was pretty average. I wish I had more to talk about. I found some pretty awesome MLP shirts at I kind of like the Elements of Harmony shirt, but I still want a Brony shirt. But I guess that's about it for the day. BTW I wonder what's up with gray Rainbowdash

    Friday, 02-Sep-11 20:10:07 UTC from web
  14. Today was about the same as yesterday. Shock! I fell almost fell asleep in Chemistry again! The bus ride home was full of Portal humor and more MLP. I got an 88 on my first test in US history! And to think, my parents wanted me to study! I actually did, but it didn't help that much. After school, me and two of my friends went to Quiktrip and bought a gallon of ice cream. We ate it while sitting around playing DnD. It was pretty awesome! But after, I got home and had to do lots of homework that I'd been putting off... T_T Oh well. I found a cool remix of the Fluttershy fashion show background music that sounds really sweet! The person who did it had a few other good ones too,, but that was my favorite.

    Friday, 02-Sep-11 00:01:30 UTC from web
  15. @redenchilada Well, it's hard to imagine my day in reverse! Sounds like you had a great time during school and a boring time out of it, you didn't get weird stares at Target for checking out MLP items, and didn't get new glasses that slipped down your face. That sound about right? :D Cause, if thats the case, I wish I could have fun in school. Might make better grades then. ^^"

    Thursday, 01-Sep-11 02:35:20 UTC from web in context
  16. @miles Yeah, Target (at least mine) has had MLP: FiM merch for at least a month now. It even has it's own display set up! It's actually not a whole lot but It's still pretty amazing! Lol I didn't think my day was THAT awesome while writing it, but I guess it was pretty cool. Just seemed normal to me I guess :)

    Thursday, 01-Sep-11 02:28:52 UTC from web in context
  17. Well, today was about the same as yesterday. I almost fell asleep in Chemistry, I talked Pony on the bus, was bored at my home school, and had a good time after school hanging with friends. Seems like this is the normal schedule now. I went to Target and started checking out the MLP merchandise they had there but I got some weird stares, so I moved on. I got new glasses today also. They're a little more loose than my old ones and keep slipping down my nose, but I push them back up in a dramatic way like in the animes. Speaking of which, I just recently managed to procure issues one through six, first edition copies of Sailor Moon. I'm pretty excited! That brought my manga count over 400! It's been a while since I've seen Sailor Moon and don't remember it very well, so it's been very nostalgic reading them again. It reminds me of some good times....but you know! I looked them up online and the prices on them can be pretty expensive. I'm glad they're in such great condition!

    Thursday, 01-Sep-11 01:47:57 UTC from web in context
  18. Today had it's ups and it's downs.....well, down. Mainly, I went to Hot Topic today and they didn't have any Brony shirts in stock. But, I went with a few friends and we had a good time! So it wasn't all bad. Tech was good again and home school was alright. I've been practicing drawing ponies more, but it's still not too great yet. Although I doodled a pony on one of my homework assignments and my teacher put 'Nice!' next to it! That was pretty cool.

    Tuesday, 30-Aug-11 22:53:30 UTC from web
  19. @commodorecrazycommanderofthe1stroyalbrigadeofspiceracksandcheese @thatonepony And thank you both for the warm welcome!

    Monday, 29-Aug-11 23:40:53 UTC from web in context
  20. Well, school was pretty good today. I went to Tech and did practically nothing except play Tetris. I enjoyed the bus ride because it encompassed much pony talk and pony singing. It's not often I sing in public. But, once again, my home school wasn't too good. It was filled with a lot of busy work. But after school, my friend told me he plans on having a all-out pony party on the 17th to celebrate (obviously) season 2. I'm really looking forward to that because I wouldn't have gotten to watch it at my house (my parents don't know I'm a brony and I plan on keeping it that way) and I get to watch it with my friends :D So that's something to look forward too! Although I was already looking forward to that day.

    Monday, 29-Aug-11 23:39:59 UTC from web
  21. Well, I joined a few days ago, but I've been a brony for a while. I'm really looking forward to season 2!!! It seems to be taking forever though! I'm really aggravated because Tulsa Bronies is having a get-together on the one weekend I can't go. Argh!!! I started school about a week ago and I'm really enjoying my Tulsa Technology class, But my home school classes aren't as great. I especially like the bus ride to tech because it's about the only time I get to talk about MLP with anyone off the internet. I tried drawing ponies for my second time today, but it still isn't great yet. I guess I'll just have to practice more and get the mechanics down. I have a bad habit of drawing very hard though and I broke like all of my lead. I was really glad recently when a song writer for MLP, Daniel Ingram, posted on his facebook page that he would post an unreleased song from season one (the original version of the hop skip and jump song from Dragonshy) if he could get 3500 fans. He got them easy

    Monday, 29-Aug-11 01:09:32 UTC from web in context