Meh (subtiger)'s status on Friday, 02-Sep-11 00:01:30 UTC

  1. Today was about the same as yesterday. Shock! I fell almost fell asleep in Chemistry again! The bus ride home was full of Portal humor and more MLP. I got an 88 on my first test in US history! And to think, my parents wanted me to study! I actually did, but it didn't help that much. After school, me and two of my friends went to Quiktrip and bought a gallon of ice cream. We ate it while sitting around playing DnD. It was pretty awesome! But after, I got home and had to do lots of homework that I'd been putting off... T_T Oh well. I found a cool remix of the Fluttershy fashion show background music that sounds really sweet! The person who did it had a few other good ones too,, but that was my favorite.

    Friday, 02-Sep-11 00:01:30 UTC from web

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