Meh (subtiger)'s status on Thursday, 01-Sep-11 01:47:57 UTC

  1. Well, today was about the same as yesterday. I almost fell asleep in Chemistry, I talked Pony on the bus, was bored at my home school, and had a good time after school hanging with friends. Seems like this is the normal schedule now. I went to Target and started checking out the MLP merchandise they had there but I got some weird stares, so I moved on. I got new glasses today also. They're a little more loose than my old ones and keep slipping down my nose, but I push them back up in a dramatic way like in the animes. Speaking of which, I just recently managed to procure issues one through six, first edition copies of Sailor Moon. I'm pretty excited! That brought my manga count over 400! It's been a while since I've seen Sailor Moon and don't remember it very well, so it's been very nostalgic reading them again. It reminds me of some good times....but you know! I looked them up online and the prices on them can be pretty expensive. I'm glad they're in such great condition!

    Thursday, 01-Sep-11 01:47:57 UTC from web in context

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