Meh (subtiger)'s status on Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 20:46:37 UTC

  1. Well dang! My internets been down all weekend...So I guess I'll give a rundown of my weekend. Friday I went and played bowling after school and made plans with a friend to have a MLP party on the 17th! Season 2! :D Saturday, I went to the mall, saw a movie, and hung out with some friends at the ice cream parlor. Sunday, I mowed my lawn....Ugh! But it was cool out, so that's a plus. And after, I went and to a baseball game. It's been a while since I went to one! And Monday, I built a new bookshelf for my room (I'm running out of space) and went to the mall again. It was a different mall this time. I went to look at the HotTopic in the other mall but they didnt have Brony shirts there either! NOooooooo! But I had a good time. Spent most of the day at Barnes and Noble. Then today was about the same as usual. I fell asleep in Zoology and have some homework to do. Sang some pony songs on the bus! I love doing that! X3

    Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 20:46:37 UTC from web

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