Meh (subtiger)'s status on Monday, 29-Aug-11 23:39:59 UTC

  1. Well, school was pretty good today. I went to Tech and did practically nothing except play Tetris. I enjoyed the bus ride because it encompassed much pony talk and pony singing. It's not often I sing in public. But, once again, my home school wasn't too good. It was filled with a lot of busy work. But after school, my friend told me he plans on having a all-out pony party on the 17th to celebrate (obviously) season 2. I'm really looking forward to that because I wouldn't have gotten to watch it at my house (my parents don't know I'm a brony and I plan on keeping it that way) and I get to watch it with my friends :D So that's something to look forward too! Although I was already looking forward to that day.

    Monday, 29-Aug-11 23:39:59 UTC from web

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