1. Evenin' everypony! hows thangs?

    Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:06:42 UTC from web
    1. @pawnheart !!! Do you have: food poisoning?

      Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:07:32 UTC from web
      1. @thelastgherkin Helloween

        Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:09:20 UTC from web
    2. @pawnheart Yeah, do ya do ya do ya?

      Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:08:30 UTC from web
      1. @ceruleanspark Okay... I think I'm missing something here...

        Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:09:26 UTC from web
        1. @pawnheart Cerulean and I have both been feeling lackadaisical and really hungry. I was wondering if the burgers we had on Saturday were dodgy and if you had similar symptoms?

          Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:10:49 UTC from web
          1. @rotation No, actually I didn't! Its getting chanky baltic though.

            Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:11:47 UTC from web
          2. @thelastgherkin well... been fairly hungry today, but okay apart from that! You alright besides?

            Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:12:34 UTC from web
            1. @pawnheart Yeah, not bad. I have been commissioned this morning! Somepony wants to pay money for my art!! :O

              Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:14:09 UTC from web
              1. @thelastgherkin That's awesome! Well done! Can you divulge the nature of the project?

                Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:15:35 UTC from web
                1. @rotation If only more ponies were willing to pay me for stuff though! @pawnheart Not yet, but I'm sure I'll let you know when it's done~

                  Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:18:31 UTC from web
                  1. @thelastgherkin No probs! Good to hear you're being appreciated in such a way

                    Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:26:21 UTC from web
    3. @rotation Indeed, same in Leicester, really. I just had a bunch of beers though.

      Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 21:14:22 UTC from web

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