1. I forgot what happens when I have so much !Tea... I have bad guts now..

    Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:14:43 UTC from web
    1. @mrdragon May give you a wobbly tum... but certainly not bad for your innards, in the long run. How do you take your !tea, btw?

      Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:15:44 UTC from web
      1. @pawnheart 2 sugars and milk, not to strong, but I like it to have a good taste.

        Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:16:10 UTC from web
        1. @mrdragon Ah, fair enough. As I'm sure I've made apparent before, I'm more of a coffee pony... but I do like tea from time to time... as black as the visible part of a black hole.

          Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:18:21 UTC from web
          1. @pawnheart Never been one for Coffee, I had a bi boss once, great guy best boss I ever had. He got me a Latte once when me and him we're working late, took a large gulp, blew it all over the place horrible taste >.<

            Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:19:19 UTC from web
            1. @mrdragon You dig camomile? It seems a divisive brew.

              Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:20:12 UTC from web
              1. @pawnheart A what now?

                Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:20:36 UTC from web
                1. @mrdragon camomile tea... I love it, find it incredibly relaxing... but some folks just cannae bear the stuff.

                  Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:21:51 UTC from web
                  1. @pawnheart Ah, no. Pure British tea lover, non of this flavoured stuff :3

                    Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:22:24 UTC from web
                    1. @mrdragon T'aint flavoured... just a different kind of plant. I ain't much of a fan of all that raspberry and vanilla with honey twaddle either...

                      Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:23:43 UTC from web
                      1. @pawnheart Ah I see, never looked at what plants what. I get mine from the Ringtons lot.

                        Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:25:18 UTC from web
                        1. @mrdragon Ringtons? I'm unfamiliar with them, I think. I'm happy with pretty crappy stuff, its usually fine if I leave the teabag in forever. Which I do.

                          Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:26:24 UTC from web
                          1. @pawnheart It's a large company, it operates a door to door sales, on a ask basis of course. Been around since a very long time ago.

                            Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:27:08 UTC from web
      2. @pawnheart @abighuman @thatonehuman Yeah, 9/10 you can't context my posts :3

        Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:17:58 UTC from web
        1. @mrdragon Its not just yours today though! For some reason I'm having the same trouble with @thatonehuman

          Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:18:59 UTC from web
          1. @pawnheart This site, got loadsa problems ^.^

            Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:20:05 UTC from web
    2. @thatonehuman Okay... I should really have said the visible "effect" of a black hole. Near the singularity.

      Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:21:13 UTC from web
    3. @thatonehuman The question is... did you get my basic gist? Picking holes in my scientific knowledge is like finding flaws with 80s Beach Boys stuff... But basically, I like coffee pretty dark. Yeah.

      Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:30:02 UTC from web
      1. @pawnheart *tea.

        Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:30:16 UTC from web
    4. @abighuman Ponies have had a few issues with mine before, not sure how often though.

      Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:31:33 UTC from web
    5. @abighuman Not to sure, shouldn't have. Both have separate servers to work from. So there should be no conflicting issues at all.

      Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:33:05 UTC from web
      1. @mrdragon I can rarely in-context you. Tinkers are normally broken too. On the other hand, RedEnchilada's work every time, and so do HaganBMJ's

        Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:35:08 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        1. @ceruleanspark I've never seen in-context really break. :o

          Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:35:49 UTC from web
          1. @haganbmj You click in-context and it takes you to the "Conversation" page but it's just a blank white box. I originally thought it was where a post from the conversation thread had been deleted, but that doesn't seem to always be the case.

            Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:36:54 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
            1. @ceruleanspark Got an example? The page breaks if there's no root post to pull from. If any post within the thread was deleted it should still load, but the origin post it what links all the following ones.

              Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:38:11 UTC from web
              1. @haganbmj The most prominent example would be if you in-context Starshine's final argument with Tinker. I know posts have been deleted from that thread, but the root-post is still present.

                Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:39:59 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                1. @ceruleanspark Hmm. Now that's interesting. If that's the case then I'm not sure how statusNet links stuff like that.

                  Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:41:18 UTC from web
                  1. @haganbmj That one springs to mind because I've seen people implying it's a conspiracy, when really it's just statusnet being weird.

                    Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:42:23 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                    1. @ceruleanspark Haha, Conspiracy. People are hilarious. ~ Yeah though, that's just statusnet bugging out I'd assume.

                      Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:43:19 UTC from web
                      1. @haganbmj You're the maintainer of everyones favourite refresh script/feminine hygene product, right? I was considering messing about with the code a bit to see if I could implement a "user-filter" feature to screen certain people from public. Am I allowed to use your code as the base for that?

                        Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:45:31 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                        1. @ceruleanspark Feel free to. I was thinking about doing something like that myself to just hide a few people on the public timeline -.- ~ If you need any help understanding my mess, lemme know. ~~ As for feminine hygiene products I can't help you there.

                          Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:46:55 UTC from web
                          1. @haganbmj I was pretty drunk when I declared that "RDN Refresh sounds like a feminine hygene product" and the association kind of stuck.

                            Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:49:57 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                            1. @ceruleanspark xD ~ That's awesome. !FeminineHygieneProduct

                              Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:51:49 UTC from web
    6. @abighuman I think it's just the software in general.

      Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:34:23 UTC from web
    7. @abighuman Might be a possibility, who knows.

      Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:35:31 UTC from web
    8. @abighuman Well, if they didn't overlap... you know you'd eaten too many.

      Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:35:45 UTC from web
    9. @abighuman But I am the Element of Being Heckled... what else am I sposed to do?

      Friday, 07-Oct-11 07:39:14 UTC from web