1. Who want's to eat some pizza? It's a vegetable now in the US, so it's all good!

    Saturday, 19-Nov-11 23:00:10 UTC from web
    1. @communistprime Tell me that's not serious.

      Saturday, 19-Nov-11 23:03:21 UTC from web
    2. @communistprime I honestly don't understand why they thought considering pizza to be a vegetable was a good idea.

      Saturday, 19-Nov-11 23:04:06 UTC from web
      1. @pinhooves Because lobbyists

        Saturday, 19-Nov-11 23:04:39 UTC from web
      2. @pinhooves @thelastgherkin That is completely serious. It's kinda like when they wanted to make ketchup a vegetable but this time it actually worked. # # #

        Saturday, 19-Nov-11 23:09:18 UTC from web
      3. @pinhooves They didn't; they're just in the pockets of people who want to sell more pizza (pockets? pizza? that was accidental, I swear).

        Saturday, 19-Nov-11 23:44:18 UTC from web
    3. @communistprime I changed my job title from Pizza Boy to Vegetable Vendor

      Saturday, 19-Nov-11 23:19:23 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      1. @nightwillow Same thing now! Hahaha.

        Saturday, 19-Nov-11 23:23:02 UTC from web