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  1. [Lone Chimney] @amazingatheist & @MrRepzion # #!? - @TheBrixxi

    Wednesday, 17-Feb-16 06:36:55 UTC from
  2. top3 white terrorist attacks in America this week: "By promoting a doctrine of absolute right to gun # (which rather helps gun manufacturers) and at the same time encouraging people to # the Federal # and resent paying #, they are creating a whole class of alienated far right #" (Juan Cole)

    Wednesday, 11-Jun-14 09:33:53 UTC from in context
  3. Actually, the 4 queens do this so the #'s mother can't hear how her newborn son cries, it seems they must really # her :-(

    Friday, 10-Jan-14 20:46:24 UTC from in context
  4. new group: !ouch <- situations which don't give you time for a lazy time on the couch :-( alias: # # #

    Saturday, 17-Aug-13 18:10:01 UTC from
  5. !LinternaMagica it seems YouTube is somewhat again broken. Those people are constantly changing something. I simply don't get it! # #

    Thursday, 07-Feb-13 07:35:38 UTC from
  6. @question Is it any good to start the morning already with # ?

    Saturday, 26-Jan-13 07:18:30 UTC from
  7. The Night of the Hunter, # # #

    Saturday, 19-Jan-13 19:24:56 UTC from
  8. @pinhooves @thelastgherkin That is completely serious. It's kinda like when they wanted to make ketchup a vegetable but this time it actually worked. # # #

    Saturday, 19-Nov-11 23:09:18 UTC from web in context