1. Compiled Ponykart on my computer. It's still in a very early state, but it looks quite good already, and I'm seriously impressed. Also, it's my first SUCCESSFUL time compiling a program (unless you count Java for Linux, I did it the hard way)! !vgp !equestriagaming

    Friday, 27-Jan-12 15:49:33 UTC from web
    1. @xtux345 I used # Linux for the longest time. It operates by compiling packages from source when you install them.

      Friday, 27-Jan-12 15:50:52 UTC from web
      1. @takeshitakenji Unfortunately, Ponykart only functions on Windows, although I plan on making wine-based ports for Mac and Linux.

        Friday, 27-Jan-12 15:52:10 UTC from web
        1. @xtux345 That'd be pretty cool. You could use this:

          Friday, 27-Jan-12 15:55:04 UTC from web
          1. @takeshitakenji I'm actually starting with porting to Mac first (using Winebottler, or Wineskin Winery), since that's my primary operating system (and the easiest one to port to).

            Friday, 27-Jan-12 15:57:59 UTC from web
            1. @xtux345 You could use Winelib on Mac OS X and Linux, and you wouldn't have to bother with creating separate build setups for each.

              Friday, 27-Jan-12 15:58:50 UTC from web
              1. @takeshitakenji Intriguing...I'll have to think about it. Thanks for suggesting it to me!

                Friday, 27-Jan-12 16:00:09 UTC from web
                1. @xtux345 I might be willing to provide some help, if learning how to use # doesn't consume my weekend.

                  Friday, 27-Jan-12 16:01:27 UTC from web
                  1. @takeshitakenji Well, the porting will most certainly not happen on this weekend, as the program isn't even released yet. I'm just thinking that I'd like to learn how to make wine-based software ports, so that everyone, no matter what OS they run, can play MLP:FiM fangames.

                    Friday, 27-Jan-12 16:05:04 UTC from web
                  2. @takeshitakenji Also, in most of the programs I'll be working with I won't have access to the source code (Ponykart is an exception, as it is open source), so I won't be able to use Winelib with them.

                    Friday, 27-Jan-12 16:08:35 UTC from web
                    1. @xtux345 Then it's worth taking advantage of the opportunity to learn it here.

                      Friday, 27-Jan-12 16:10:44 UTC from web