1. @administrator :: I'm going to be seeding the database when I can. I'm certainly going to be getting a copy.

    Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:11:05 UTC from web
    1. @dawnlight

      Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:14:09 UTC from web
      1. @administrator My ISP has an upload cap, and I have, to date, received no less than seven separate warnings for excessive uploading, so I'm afraid I won't be able to help with seeding. Nevertheless, I'll give it a download and keep a few copies in safe places, just in case.

        Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:18:06 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        1. @puzzlemint And before anyone suggest looking into a better ISP: There aren't any where I live. The only alternative, barring paying through the nose for a T3 line, is DSL, which is a pretty big step down from my current cable package.

          Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:21:06 UTC from web
          1. @puzzlemint You have Dial up???

            Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:25:10 UTC from web
            1. @administrator Cable modem with some silly restrictions.

              Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:26:38 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      2. @administrator I'am sorry about the 425 Error I'am currently fixing it.

        Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:19:21 UTC from web
        1. @rainbowdash1911 150 Opening data channel for file transfer. :<

          Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:22:27 UTC from web
          1. @administrator Ya..I'm working on it, give me a few minutes.

            Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:25:03 UTC from web
          2. @administrator FTP works now, you can now upload.

            Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:30:13 UTC from web
            1. @rainbowdash1911 NEGATIVE hangs on 150

              Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:34:26 UTC from web
              1. @administrator Oh my...i just had my friend log into the test account i had up and he uploaded a few images...I'm sorry this is causing problems. I'm running FileZillaServer if that helps at all.

                Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:36:00 UTC from web
                1. @rainbowdash1911 why not just set up sshd?

                  Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:37:32 UTC from web
              2. @administrator Also its on a Windows XP Machine. which really shouldn't matter but, it worked for my friend.

                Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:37:27 UTC from web
                1. @rainbowdash1911 MOAR LIEK WindERRS AMIRITE? Seriously, go learn Linux. Here's a good place to start:

                  Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:39:23 UTC from web
                  1. @administrator Also there's nothing wrong with hosting things on Windows. Whatever works works. LAMP isn't the end-all.

                    Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:40:55 UTC from web
                    1. @ponybis Who needs LAMP when you can just load up SSH on a desktop?

                      Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:42:40 UTC from web
                      1. @administrator I don't quite follow. You can SSH to pretty much anything. Including LAMP. And Windows.

                        Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:46:04 UTC from web
                  2. @administrator Last time I tried to install ubuntu on a non-virtual PC, it ended up nuking the MBRs of three of my four hard drives. I still have no idea what the hell that was about, because that seriously should not even be POSSIBLE. I wouldn't even believe it if it hadn't actually happened to me.

                    Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:42:38 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  3. @administrator I knew that was gonna happen, I had a ubuntu disc lying somewhere around here but i didn't find it and i wanted to do the FTP as quickly as possible. I'll put Linux on it tomorrow and set up sshd. Sorry for the trouble but it'll be worth it soon :D

                    Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:45:19 UTC from web
              3. @administrator Once you get it up I'll mirror it on some DDL sites if you'd like. I won't be seeding the torrent very often, though. I get pretty decent speeds here, I'm on fiber and in the US. :p

                Wednesday, 04-May-11 02:39:50 UTC from web