1. !theories First order of business. Celestia. fun loving leader, or evil Hitler pony of death? Discuss.

    Friday, 17-Feb-12 06:55:07 UTC from web
    1. @protopony350 !solarempire She's just having a little fun, she's been at this for 1000+ years.

      Friday, 17-Feb-12 06:59:29 UTC from web
    2. @protopony350 If Celestia will hear you're spreading rumors about her she'll send you straight to the moon. I'd be more careful if I was you.

      Friday, 17-Feb-12 07:00:36 UTC from web
      1. @omni

        Friday, 17-Feb-12 07:02:24 UTC from web
    3. @protopony350 @greatandpowerfuleaglehooves !theories I'm of the opinion that she's kind of god-like and has absolutely everything in Equestria under control. She just chooses to let her subjects handle their own problems to create the illusion of free-will.

      Friday, 17-Feb-12 07:03:46 UTC from web
      1. @swift I don't think she is trying to create an illusion, I think she has better things to do than fix every little issue.

        Friday, 17-Feb-12 07:11:09 UTC from web
        1. @greatandpowerfuleaglehooves Well, that too. Celestia helps those who help themselves.

          Friday, 17-Feb-12 07:20:23 UTC from web
          1. @swift Well, those who write letters at least. She's got a thing for letters apparently.

            Friday, 17-Feb-12 07:21:41 UTC from web