1. why dose new mexico not have any brony meetups its really sad.

    Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 00:46:34 UTC from web
    1. @basscleft same in brazil

      Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 00:47:13 UTC from web
    2. @basscleft why don't you start a discussion with the bronies just go like this !abqbronies

      Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 00:48:28 UTC from web
    3. @basscleft right now me and rapidchama are working on a meeting spot, most likely at either cnm or unm, after we get a room and availble time we can start to get things rolling by planning events and actual meetups. if youd like to help in any way feel free to text me at 505-453-5721.

      Sunday, 26-Feb-12 21:43:37 UTC from web
      1. @bobmortis ohh cool ill be sure to spread the word and i will try to help as much as i can

        Wednesday, 29-Feb-12 01:42:52 UTC from web
        1. @basscleft sweet we finally got the area check out chamas page for the info

          Friday, 02-Mar-12 03:12:43 UTC from web
          1. @bobmortis Heya bobmortis, I'm not too sure if my other message got through but uhh...yeah, anyways, awesome posters around UNM. Its really good to hear a meetup is already planned, if you wanna talk planning or other stuff feel free to hit me up at 505-307-0730

            Saturday, 03-Mar-12 19:35:12 UTC from web
            1. @abbqedbrony Are you sure you want to post your phone number on the Internet like that?

              Saturday, 03-Mar-12 19:36:26 UTC from Choqok
              1. @omni Wouldn't be the first time, thanks for looking out for me though.

                Saturday, 03-Mar-12 19:45:37 UTC from web