1. Welp. The server is basically good to know. It's missing rules and the MOTD is a mess and I'm probably missing some permissions for moderators but eh. I'll fix and add stuff as needed!

    Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:28:07 UTC from web
    1. @minti Good to go* Hurr know

      Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:28:16 UTC from web
    2. @minti What?

      Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:28:59 UTC from web
      1. @captainmilo Everyone was mentioning we needed a RDN Minecraft server, and I've had a server sitting gathering dust for awhile now so... Decided to recycle it.

        Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:29:42 UTC from web
        1. @minti ah, interesting. I might join, if I ever decide to play minecraft again.

          Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:30:23 UTC from web
        2. @minti cool, I have a small 5p server that I use to play with my friends from time to time it's a lot of fun ^^

          Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:33:56 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          1. @zennx xD Server's set to hold 24 people atm.

            Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:34:40 UTC from web
            1. @minti Is it ready?

              Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:35:23 UTC from web
              1. @princesshugs Last minute touchups.

                Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:38:19 UTC from web
                1. @minti Okay....

                  Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:38:41 UTC from web
            2. @minti I wish I could hold that many people XP

              Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:35:52 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        3. @minti How is the server going?

          Sunday, 26-Feb-12 00:55:39 UTC from web
          1. @captainmilo @princesshugs

            Sunday, 26-Feb-12 00:56:48 UTC from web
            1. @minti Haha, btw I got to ask, what is with the name tylian, is it supposed to mean something?

              Sunday, 26-Feb-12 00:57:43 UTC from web
              1. @captainmilo I honestly thought of it randomly one day, a few years ago. Used it as my alias since. No clue about meaning or anything XD

                Sunday, 26-Feb-12 00:58:11 UTC from web
                1. @minti Ah. What problems are you having with the server?

                  Sunday, 26-Feb-12 00:59:49 UTC from web
                  1. @captainmilo Lol the permissions just reverted themselves randomly. Fixed it up now. "WHY CAN'T I SET MY HOME FUU"

                    Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:00:16 UTC from web
                    1. @minti lol, that is quite weird of the properties to do that.

                      Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:02:56 UTC from web
                    2. @minti how is the server now?

                      Sunday, 26-Feb-12 03:34:24 UTC from web
                      1. @captainmilo Up and running, I'm taking a break from it. xD

                        Sunday, 26-Feb-12 03:35:54 UTC from web
                        1. @minti ah.

                          Sunday, 26-Feb-12 03:41:23 UTC from web
              2. @captainmilo

                Sunday, 26-Feb-12 00:59:19 UTC from web
                1. @sebastian1314 ?

                  Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:00:03 UTC from web
                2. @sebastian1314 So many people laugh when I show them my homepage. xD

                  Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:02:57 UTC from web
                  1. @minti Your homepage is trippy. :o

                    Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:06:19 UTC from StatusNet Android
                    1. @redenchilada It works on android? What?

                      Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:07:13 UTC from web
                      1. @minti I saw spinning things, so I assume so.

                        Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:09:37 UTC from StatusNet Android
                      2. @minti your homepage... I approve. All ponies approve. #

                        Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:10:03 UTC from web
                      3. @minti This is it, right? This is working?

                        Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:17:07 UTC from StatusNet Android
                      4. @minti HTML5 I guess

                        Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:33:22 UTC from web
                  2. @minti Homepage?

                    Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:06:34 UTC from web
                    1. @princesshugs

                      Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:07:02 UTC from web
                      1. @minti Yay for steam browser showing nothing but white screen!

                        Sunday, 26-Feb-12 01:07:54 UTC from web
            2. @minti Nope.avi

              Sunday, 26-Feb-12 00:58:59 UTC from web
    3. @minti Mine Little Pony, hotfixes are magic.

      Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:29:44 UTC from web
      1. @greatandpowerfuleaglehooves lolol.

        Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:31:07 UTC from web