1. !vancouverbronies Sibsy has made it official that she was at the VPL on her Twitter. No mention of the screening, so that should still be kept under wraps:!/TheRealSibsy/status/194132079175409664

    Sunday, 22-Apr-12 20:45:53 UTC from web
    1. !vancouverbronies @jackzhang She did say she was "watching ponies with bronies", implying some sort of showing.!/TheRealSibsy/status/193976937755049985

      Monday, 23-Apr-12 04:10:19 UTC from web
      1. @tesla500 @jackzhang !vancouverbronies ... wasn't she at the first screening? I remember a few people spoke to her after the end of Part 1 about Wildfire... and I am checking my photos and she is in it?

        Monday, 23-Apr-12 17:29:34 UTC from web
        1. @navci !bcbronies Yup, though we've still gotta keep quiet on the details of the meet.

          Monday, 23-Apr-12 17:44:05 UTC from web
          1. @bronymike !bcbronies Ah ah! I get it now. This was a question of whether or not it was made official. My bad!

            Monday, 23-Apr-12 20:56:03 UTC from web
        2. !vancouverbronies D'oh! The audio didn't render for the screening video when I left this morning. Oh well, I have all of tonight to do audio post then.

          Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 00:06:52 UTC from web