1. Wearing my Rarity shirt at the mall. Getting mixed looks

    Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:16:48 UTC from StatusNet Android
    1. @madykatt Rarity will through cake at the ones that gave you the "negative" looks

      Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:17:40 UTC from web
    2. @madykatt ooooooooo they make those? Austin wants one..ima get it to suprise him..where can i get one?

      Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:17:43 UTC from web
      1. @dudeinboots

        Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:34:22 UTC from StatusNet Android
        1. @madykatt thank lol ima get it for him and not let him have it lol..hes fun to tease

          Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:37:16 UTC from web
          1. @dudeinboots I got this one :3

            Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:42:56 UTC from StatusNet Android
            1. @madykatt its soooooo cute <3 lol do they make apple mike or..somthing like tht lol i dontlike ponies too much

              Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:44:37 UTC from web
              1. @dudeinboots just look thru all their shirts. They have all the things

                Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:45:21 UTC from StatusNet Android
                1. @madykatt im gonna make him wear it to a football game lol

                  Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:46:27 UTC from web
                  1. @dudeinboots I had to let my friend into my apartment building today and he said when I was walking down the hall my face was identical to the shirt and he was about to run away XD well thats what he gets for making me have to get off the couch

                    Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:48:41 UTC from StatusNet Android
                    1. @madykatt lol i made that face when he made rules for me to follow while im on here..ima break em all!!!!

                      Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:50:33 UTC from web
                      1. @dudeinboots wait, so are you on for bf's account. I are confuse

                        Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:52:32 UTC from StatusNet Android
                        1. @madykatt he said i could

                          Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:53:35 UTC from web
                          1. @dudeinboots time to add all the porn?

                            Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:54:59 UTC from StatusNet Android
                            1. @madykatt austin respects wemon to much to do that thank you

                              Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:58:07 UTC from web
                              1. @dudeinboots I was just kidding, darling. ;)

                                Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:59:05 UTC from StatusNet Android
                                1. @madykatt lol sorry for kinda protective of him..even if we arnt accualy together

                                  Sunday, 29-Apr-12 01:00:07 UTC from web
                                  1. @dudeinboots im not even mad

                                    Sunday, 29-Apr-12 01:00:47 UTC from StatusNet Android
                                    1. @madykatt im still sowwys

                                      Sunday, 29-Apr-12 01:01:47 UTC from web
            2. @madykatt ... I want that shirt.

              Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:44:52 UTC from web
              1. @minti then buy one :p

                Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:46:38 UTC from StatusNet Android
    3. @madykatt looks like this? ¦:0 and ,':\

      Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:18:31 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      1. @derpyshy there is one look in between those. The one in between is usually from guys whose gfs are like :o

        Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:20:06 UTC from StatusNet Android
        1. @madykatt are they surprised that a girl wears pony-shirts?

          Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:23:03 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          1. @derpyshy Well, this gets unusual if you are a woman and no longer a girl...

            Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:24:18 UTC from web
            1. @hakupony :/ yea... maybe...

              Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:25:49 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          2. @derpyshy no the girls get mad at their bfs for not buying them a pony shirt

            Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:26:23 UTC from StatusNet Android
            1. @madykatt i will remember that if i ever happen to have a girlfriend

              Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:27:16 UTC from web
              1. @mushi fact: girls like ponies. Fact: if the girl wants something, she will have her bf find it. fact: I just got asked by one guy where I got it bc, and I quote "my girlfriend loves that pony, it would make her day if I bought that for her"

                Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:32:14 UTC from StatusNet Android
            2. @madykatt lol

              Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:29:37 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    4. @madykatt way to spread the love!

      Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:18:32 UTC from MuSTArDroid