1. "Cerulean shoots everyone all the time forever - The game" or "Torchlight" as it's better known, is crazy good.

    Friday, 04-May-12 18:41:06 UTC from web
    1. @ceruleanspark I also dreamt that you, a couple other users here, and I got into some kind of James Bond gun battle ordeal. With Roger Moore, no less. We were all on the same side, shooting our way out of somewhere.

      Friday, 04-May-12 18:45:41 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      1. @scribus It's funny because I actually do this sort of thing all the time.

        Friday, 04-May-12 18:47:39 UTC from web
        1. @ceruleanspark Well, why wouldn't you?

          Friday, 04-May-12 18:48:38 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          1. @scribus I once dreamed I owned a boat called the "Inevitable Failure"

            Friday, 04-May-12 18:51:56 UTC from web
            1. @ceruleanspark Take it out on any three-hour tours?

              Friday, 04-May-12 18:55:53 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    2. @ceruleanspark yeah it is, but it's got some major flaws too, t's a good thing the goods overweigh the bads ^^

      Friday, 04-May-12 18:47:13 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    3. @thatonepony I'm on a boat?

      Friday, 04-May-12 18:54:35 UTC from web