1. So the wacky idea I have relates to deleting posts. I want the database to check if there are any posts that refer to the to-be-deleted post in their replyto column and if so just replace the post content with [deleted] or something similar and empty out all the mentions, tags, and groups data while preserving its replyto column. All of this so that conversation chains won't be broken when a post is knocked out of the middle. If nothing refers to the post, then the row can be properly deleted- if present it will then check the replyto post to see if it's also been flagged for deletion and clean it up too if nothing refers to it, etc up the chain until it hits a post that either hasn't been deleted yet or still has references to it. I won't ask if this is possible. I know it is. But I wonder if it's something I *should* do.

    Wednesday, 09-May-12 04:34:48 UTC from web

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