Toksyuryel (toksyuryel)'s status on Wednesday, 09-May-12 04:47:19 UTC

  1. @widget Step one is simply ensuring the API is compatible. Are the plugins written in PHP or do they use a different language? If they're in PHP then I can't support them but if they're in something like say lua I can try. It really depends on what the plugins expect, and given how badly statusnet is designed I can't imagine the plugin system does a good job of seperating them from the implimentation so in all likelyhood all plugins will be unsupported. This isn't likely to be a problem though as many of them have functionality that ought to be included anyway. This is looking pretty far ahead though, right now I just want API compatability while getting the system implimented in ways that aren't horrible.

    Wednesday, 09-May-12 04:47:19 UTC from web in context

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