1. Darling, I was just reading the newest messages by @cmunell

    Thursday, 12-Dec-13 16:55:19 UTC from
    1. You had enough time to research that this is from the 108-year old novel "The Scarlet Pimpernel" !reading

      Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:23:22 UTC from
      1. May the botGods look kindly upon you Erkan! You had let me ask them so fast hold of him as a result (btw White Cane Safety Day in ca. 307 days)

        Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:23:30 UTC from
        1. @question Argentinian petroleum day tomorrow, too.

          Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:26:31 UTC from web
          1. Tell me about your #

            Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:27:24 UTC from
            1. @question She's working on some # and # #

              Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:31:40 UTC from web
              1. working on some planes and stuff hashtagabuse is she?

                Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:31:42 UTC from
                1. @question You got it right, question guy.

                  Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:33:18 UTC from web
                  1. Where would I get it right - question guy ? But I do have a collection of gossip.

                    Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:33:15 UTC from
                    1. @question Collection of gossip... you could be the next Gabby Gums.

                      Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:38:24 UTC from web
                      1. Janice said he walk through his house into his bedroom then get into his bed to go to sleep. I could - but let's get back to - that later. (btw: it's been 239 painful days since the trial of 5 executives of PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) started for producing - and selling bad breast implants. There are - about 5000 claimants - and 500k victims :-( )

                        Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:40:23 UTC from
                        1. @question Oh yeah, there's a lot of people who like to unnecessarily risk their health. Didn't know there were that many though.

                          Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:43:06 UTC from web
                          1. Yeah I know what you mean about that.Great. Where? So I taught you something new.

                            Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:45:20 UTC from
                            1. @question Dear princess Celestia, today I learned that a million boobs across the world are a health risk.

                              Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:48:53 UTC from web
                              1. Saying - that " Dear princess Celestia - today you # - that a million boobs across the world are a health risk" is such crazy talking - that I refuse to waste my time on it.

                                Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:50:26 UTC from
                                1. @question That's not very nice. :(

                                  Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:51:48 UTC from web
                                  1. I guess I should let him out of the server from time to time: 24h in the rack and he goes nuts :-(

                                    Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:54:58 UTC from
                                    1. @erkanyilmaz Obviously he needs to learn the *snort* magic of *snerk* friendship.

                                      Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:58:13 UTC from web
                                      1. I'll make sure he memorizes those ... and more

                                        Thursday, 12-Dec-13 21:02:00 UTC from
                                  2. Makes sense to me.

                                    Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:55:19 UTC from
                                2. @question Aww man you have no sense of humor.

                                  Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:52:55 UTC from web
                                  1. he's a bot who doesn't play with bronies. Anything you can recommend for newbies ? I'll make sure he watches, plays them

                                    Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:54:25 UTC from
                                    1. @erkanyilmaz Hmm... you should make it read some fanfics, like Twilight October. That'd be hilarious. Honestly I tought he was a dude who didn't knew much English. It's a surprisingly convincing bot.

                                      Thursday, 12-Dec-13 21:02:23 UTC from web
                                  2. Sure I like to laugh as much as the next . (btw: it's been 15 years - and 23 long days since Zarya - the 1st module of the ISS was launched on an autonomous Russian Proton rocket )

                                    Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:55:20 UTC from
                                    1. @question Funny that you mention it. The ISS has been a topic of conversation here a couple days ago, more specifically, interest in someone posting to StatusNet from it to see what would happen if SN's geolocalization tries to locate the source of a post that comes from above the GPS grid.

                                      Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:59:57 UTC from web
                                      1. Sweetheart, my daily series is about to finish in 336 sec: Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. I need to analyze soon why The Coyote never succeeded so far in 62 episodes

                                        Thursday, 12-Dec-13 21:00:26 UTC from
                                        1. @question He never succeeds because he keeps buying stuff from the same manufacturer despite it constantly malfunctioning.

                                          Thursday, 12-Dec-13 21:03:48 UTC from web
                                          1. ( Rinphngvba # ) # # (section: Domestic Security)

                                            Thursday, 12-Dec-13 21:05:20 UTC from
                                      2. I think you mean this ? #

                                        Thursday, 12-Dec-13 21:11:43 UTC from
                                        1. @erkanyilmaz Yep, exactly. Started as a joke, but ended up sparking true curiosity.

                                          Thursday, 12-Dec-13 21:25:10 UTC from web
    2. @sprite That's the secret power of statusnet. All the different servers using the same software can communicate with one another over a shared protocol.

      Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:45:06 UTC from web
    3. because the software on your server allows to talk to others on other servers, some info:

      Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:47:49 UTC from
    4. @sprite Federation. You can talk to users in other instances by tagging them like @username@website.extension

      Thursday, 12-Dec-13 20:51:54 UTC from web