1. @cannibalcreed BTW, if you like a chat style better than a forum style (I do personally), I recommend you check the top box on this settings page and save.

    Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:37:56 UTC from web
    1. @cannibalcreed in either style you can see the context by floating over or clicking the "(in context)" link below each message.

      Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:41:01 UTC from web
    2. @snowcone ew. That would be awful unless he somehow made the forum style not suck. I can't easily follow a conversation that way.

      Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:41:57 UTC from web
    3. @snowcone Or I should say I can't follow multiple conversations that way.

      Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:42:20 UTC from web
    4. @snowcone cool

      Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:43:42 UTC from web
    5. @pony Are there chat boxes now or something?

      Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:45:03 UTC from web
      1. @cannibalcreed Well by default (unless it's changed) users will see a facebook style chat where conversations are put into their own sections, but with chat style, each new message gets treated like its own section and appears unlinked to any other message, but you can still see the context if you float or click (in context).

        Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:48:18 UTC from web
      2. @cannibalcreed You'll have to refresh after changing the setting too.

        Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:48:36 UTC from web
        1. @pony I did it but havent noticed that much of a difference. I did notice the (in context) thing though

          Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 17:00:56 UTC from web
          1. @cannibalcreed Maybe the default changed @redenchilada might know. Has the chat style been made default for new users?

            Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 17:03:44 UTC from web
            1. @pony Just open an incognito tab and go to the timeline

              Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 17:05:26 UTC from web
            2. @pony It's been default since the site upgrade. The old style was just grandfathered into default for all current users.

              Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 17:05:46 UTC from web
              1. @redenchilada ah ok. cool

                Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 17:10:04 UTC from web