1. Did anyone decide to write the story?

    Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:14:00 UTC from bti
    1. @loveydoe I would but I have my own shipfic I actually started a little, !RDN (which I'd need to re-take a survey to see who'd want to be in it) and I'm terrified about writing erotic fanfiction about people when I know some aren't 18.

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:14:49 UTC from web
      1. @thewaifutyphoon I see.

        Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:15:39 UTC from bti
      2. @thewaifutyphoon To be fair if they want to be in it and you're using usernames and not real names it would be okay right?

        Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:16:32 UTC from web
        1. @northernnarwhal yeah but if they knew who the username was, it'd still be hella creepy

          Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:16:53 UTC from web
          1. @thewaifutyphoon That's true. Who's currently in yours?

            Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:17:57 UTC from web
            1. @northernnarwhal In my shipfic or who originally volunteered to be in !RDN?

              Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:18:22 UTC from web
              1. @thewaifutyphoon Both

                Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:19:21 UTC from web
                1. @northernnarwhal uh, I think I still have the list for both in different places.

                  Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:19:39 UTC from web
                  1. @thewaifutyphoon Okay, start with !RDN

                    Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:20:15 UTC from web
                    1. @northernnarwhal

                      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:21:14 UTC from web
                      1. @thewaifutyphoon Could you toss me on the list?

                        Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:23:31 UTC from web
                        1. @northernnarwhal I'm going to resubmit the form and make a new spreadsheet so I have an updated list

                          Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:24:01 UTC from web
                          1. @thewaifutyphoon AYE! I would be honoured to be part but, I am 16 so, yeah...

                            Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:24:33 UTC from web
                            1. @metaltao I'll just make it so that you submit your age and anyone under 18 would just be in something suggestive or something so I don't feel weird and have to bathe for days on end afterwards

                              Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:25:14 UTC from web
                              1. @thewaifutyphoon XD I feel like A Hamlet Reference is in order! Or was it the other one with the three weird sisters...

                                Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:26:31 UTC from web
                          2. @thewaifutyphoon Oh also I want yellow text if that's okay

                            Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:24:54 UTC from web
                          3. @thewaifutyphoon im with MetalTao i wouldnt mind at all. but im only 15

                            Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:31:18 UTC from web
          2. Is it still going to be about the princess?

            Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:18:41 UTC from bti
            1. @loveydoe nah that'd be separate

              Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:19:16 UTC from web
    2. @loveydoe I'm considering it

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:15:44 UTC from web
    3. @ellie Well yeah but honestly I don't know everyone's ages, and the only one that I knew was underage I was still off by 3 years

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:18:56 UTC from web
    4. @e go ahead, I suck at Renpy or however it's spelt anyways

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:26:36 UTC from web
    5. @e YAY!

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:26:41 UTC from web
    6. @e DO IT!

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:26:52 UTC from web
    7. @e I hope so?

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:27:22 UTC from web
    8. @ellie I think tux left...

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:33:49 UTC from web
    9. @ellie I guess...

      Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 06:35:35 UTC from web
    10. @ellie -_-

      Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 01:18:49 UTC from web