1. Hi, all! I'm a newpony! My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash! I'm an aspiring artist. I'm not very good, but oh well, it's not about being good, it's about having fun! I have this bad habit of forgetting websites, but hopefully I won't forget about this one!

    Tuesday, 19-Aug-14 00:51:45 UTC from web
    1. @macaroniwedges Welcome to the rainbow horse club~

      Tuesday, 19-Aug-14 00:51:50 UTC from the Death Egg
    2. @macaroniwedges welcome!

      Tuesday, 19-Aug-14 00:52:06 UTC from web
    3. @macaroniwedges Yo, welcome to the site. I'm Taira, the resident loser, glad to meet you.

      Tuesday, 19-Aug-14 00:52:51 UTC from web
    4. @skellietta ellie pls

      Tuesday, 19-Aug-14 00:59:52 UTC from web
    5. @skellietta Looks like someone has self-esteem issues

      Tuesday, 19-Aug-14 01:17:58 UTC from web
    6. @macaroniwedges Welcome, I hope you like here as much as I do now.

      Tuesday, 19-Aug-14 01:19:41 UTC from web