1. Hiya ya'll i was looking to find bronies that were more nearby then the others i talked to and i found a whole group ^.^

    Wednesday, 03-Sep-14 16:38:11 UTC from web at 44°49'44"N 93°19'52"W
    1. Hey, look! It's @drinsomnia, a newpony! Welcome to RDN, @drinsomnia! And look! I'm actually being friendly and greetful instead of spooky and cultish! (If only I could do something about the meta part...)

      Wednesday, 03-Sep-14 16:38:25 UTC from the Death Egg
    2. woah it told my coordinates....thats so wierd

      Wednesday, 03-Sep-14 16:40:54 UTC from web at 44°49'44"N 93°19'52"W
      1. @drinsomnia You can disable that in your settings I believe. Also, welcome to the site!

        Wednesday, 03-Sep-14 16:41:24 UTC from web
        1. @mastertdi I figured as much im not worried about it though :p is it even accurate?

          Wednesday, 03-Sep-14 16:43:57 UTC from web at 44°49'44"N 93°19'52"W
          1. @drinsomnia Probably more accurate than it should be

            Wednesday, 03-Sep-14 16:45:19 UTC from web
            1. @mastertdi i googled it...and wow

              Wednesday, 03-Sep-14 16:45:59 UTC from web at 44°49'44"N 93°19'52"W
              1. @drinsomnia I can see your house from here!

                Wednesday, 03-Sep-14 16:46:50 UTC from web
                1. @mastertdi well....its a good thing im not home

                  Wednesday, 03-Sep-14 16:53:49 UTC from web at 44°49'44"N 93°19'52"W
    3. @vt3c hey sounds fun thats 15 minutes away what time is it at?

      Thursday, 04-Sep-14 04:04:31 UTC from web at 44°41'56"N 93°12'49"W
    4. @vt3c nvmd its on the facebook page sorry i feel stupid but isn't this saturday technically the 1st saturday of this month? also when i asked to joined i was declined :( probably because its a new account

      Thursday, 04-Sep-14 04:31:42 UTC from web at 44°41'56"N 93°12'49"W
      1. @drinsomnia Ya, the meetup this month is on the 13th. Sadly I won't be able to make it since I'm going to a friends wedding. But if you do plan on going, the group meets on the Nickelodeon Universe side of the Lego Store at 11am, they then migrate up 2 floors to the food court at 12 and usually sit around there for 45mins or so before roaming the mall. Hope you have fun if you decide to go, I really want to go but I want to be there at my friends wedding and I have already booked plane tickets.

        Thursday, 04-Sep-14 05:31:31 UTC from web