1. Anypony else looking forward to the new # episode that is out today?

    Saturday, 04-Oct-14 16:38:16 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    1. @starlightflux After last weeks no. But I will watch this week to give it a chance before I pass judgement

      Saturday, 04-Oct-14 16:42:13 UTC from web
      1. @vcgriffin Genuinely the only episode that I didn't love this season was the Robot of Sherwood, and even that I thought was okay.

        Saturday, 04-Oct-14 16:43:22 UTC from web
        1. @mrmattimation If I was to say something now, all I could say was I feel that it has lost something very fundamental. But I dont know what. its all the same chefs, the same ingredients but something has gone

          Saturday, 04-Oct-14 16:44:59 UTC from web
          1. @vcgriffin It's far less action-oriented than it was a few years ago, that's for sure. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

            Saturday, 04-Oct-14 17:07:41 UTC from web
            1. @mrmattimation I', ok with less action we still have running, corridors and monsters. its just somthing is different and missing

              Saturday, 04-Oct-14 17:10:50 UTC from web