1. RDN May 2012 Poll - [b]RESULTS ARE UP![/b]

    Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:28:01 UTC from web
    1. @pawnheart poor pinkie

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:29:23 UTC from web
      1. @mushi I know! I really wasn't expecting that... she was joint 1st in October!

        Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:30:19 UTC from web
    2. @pawnheart Fluttershy is now happy ^_^

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:35:18 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      1. @derpyshy

        Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:39:05 UTC from web
        1. @pawnheart No, Pinkie, don't ve sad! :'c #

          Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:40:54 UTC from web
    3. @greydragon412 Welp, it's far clearer a result than last time... the first and last are separated from the rest by a considerable margin. Okay, so she ain't my [i]favourite[/i] favourite... but Pinkie Pie did not deserve to get last. Still... I know your feel... My two faves are both in the 3rd spot.

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:37:14 UTC from web
      1. @pawnheart Well, who do you think deserves to be last? This is one hell of a competition.

        Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:40:27 UTC from web
        1. @hakupony ...I ain't sayin'!'s a shame when any of them come last to be honest...

          Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:41:38 UTC from web
    4. @greydragon412 ...also, 'It's About Time' and 'Sisterhooves' in the top 3 episodes? ...what the hay?!

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:40:17 UTC from web
    5. @greydragon412 Don't forget that Twilight is 3rd - even Dash just has one vote more as her.

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:41:24 UTC from web
    6. @greydragon412 Each to their own... I was just personally surprised.

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:42:32 UTC from web
    7. @greydragon412 i'd vote her over rainbow dash

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:43:01 UTC from web
    8. @greydragon412 That means we have the same favourite episode :)

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:43:16 UTC from web
      1. @hakupony Well, fair enough! I had no idea it was so popular!

        Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:44:32 UTC from web
        1. @pawnheart Well, if you call two votes popular...

          Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:47:14 UTC from web
    9. @greydragon412 I don't know - I personally like her least of the mane six.

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:44:29 UTC from web
    10. @greydragon412 i dont really like any of them, but i think i kinda preffer rarity

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:44:34 UTC from web
    11. @greydragon412 They kind of draw for me... in terms of characters I couldn't see myself getting on with in a theoretical social setting.

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:45:18 UTC from web
    12. @greydragon412 I must confess... I know people remarkably similar to her... and lordy do they irk me.

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:46:19 UTC from web
    13. @greydragon412 (\ It has soo much I love. Shout outs to escape from new york? check. Tme travel? check. Ninja shout out? check! Dorkyness? check!

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:46:19 UTC from web
    14. @greydragon412 I'm always happy for bucking confusing time travel plots :) One of the reasons I like Shadow of Memories.

      Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:48:31 UTC from web