1. A !minecraft work in progress.

    Friday, 06-Feb-15 19:45:53 UTC from web
    1. @scribus Woah. I wish I had beacons. I don't even have one wither skull.

      Friday, 06-Feb-15 19:52:05 UTC from Choqok
      1. @adiwan Well, I'm on an economy server, I just bought them. <_<

        Friday, 06-Feb-15 19:52:48 UTC from web
        1. @scribus Aaah. This explains all. I'm just playing survival minecraft. I wish I had a beacon with haste 2 then I had my guardian farm finished ages ago. I'm glad I have a good supply with diamond pickaxes from my villagers to repair my good pickaxes.

          Friday, 06-Feb-15 19:55:54 UTC from Choqok