1. This place is definitely a lot more active than I would've thought after being away for so long.

    Monday, 02-Mar-15 05:10:37 UTC from web
    1. @rnbwdashiswin OH! Well, THAT IS ALWAYS GOOD! Nice to meet yah! Strange of this to say, but yout name sounds familiar, have I met you?

      Monday, 02-Mar-15 05:26:50 UTC from web
      1. @metaltao I... don't know if you have?

        Monday, 02-Mar-15 09:38:25 UTC from web
    2. @rnbwdashiswin I plan to keep the lights on here so long as there are people who need me to. There are a surprising number of people who use this place as an integral part of their support network, and I don't want them to have to worry about losing that.

      Monday, 02-Mar-15 07:11:51 UTC from web
      1. @ceruleanspark I totally understand that!

        Monday, 02-Mar-15 09:39:06 UTC from web