1. Why didn't any of you turd burglars tell me they released a near-complete version of Fighting is Magic?

    Tuesday, 22-Sep-15 09:31:49 UTC from web
    1. @bigpony Nobody here cares about My Little Pony.

      Tuesday, 22-Sep-15 09:35:33 UTC from web
      1. @thelastgherkin Don't play coy, pickleboy.

        Tuesday, 22-Sep-15 09:39:56 UTC from web
        1. @bigpony Have you seen this place recently? It's all garbage and memes.

          Tuesday, 22-Sep-15 09:49:40 UTC from web
          1. @thelastgherkin "recently"

            Wednesday, 23-Sep-15 05:31:31 UTC from web
    2. @bigpony i was sooo bad at that game

      Tuesday, 22-Sep-15 10:46:05 UTC from web
    3. @bigpony They're running a crowdfund for the Totally Not MLP version now

      Tuesday, 22-Sep-15 16:18:37 UTC from web
      1. @redenchilada and they almost got me to support them until they pulled this garbage.

        Wednesday, 23-Sep-15 05:31:02 UTC from web
        1. @bigpony Oh god I just saw that go up. It looks like G3.5

          Wednesday, 23-Sep-15 05:32:20 UTC from web
          1. @redenchilada Also the guys running it are giant turds, but it's running on the Skullgirls engine so I look forward to it's eventual $2 sale.

            Wednesday, 23-Sep-15 05:35:13 UTC from web