1. ~~~~~~<3

    Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:10:44 UTC from web
    1. @celestiaforequestria hello you

      Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:12:25 UTC from web
      1. @yuledelerty Hi! Good evening from nyc

        Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:14:42 UTC from web
        1. @celestiaforequestria how ya doing in the big apple

          Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:15:15 UTC from web
          1. @yuledelerty It's awesome! And I take lots of walks and subway rides when my school workload allows for it. Lots of awe-inspiring architecture and advertisements everywhere so I feel very cosmopolitan and such lol

            Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:18:23 UTC from web
            1. @celestiaforequestria sounds like a blast tbh

              Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:19:07 UTC from web
              1. @yuledelerty That's the general idea. c: Have you ever been to the city? It's nice, I don't want to sound overly enthusiastic but it's been great for me

                Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:22:30 UTC from web
                1. @celestiaforequestria Never been to NYC but I wouldn't mind going someday. Glad you

                  Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:23:27 UTC from web
                2. @celestiaforequestria 're enjoying yourself.

                  Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:23:59 UTC from web
            2. @celestiaforequestria How long have you been there? And how long will you be?

              Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:19:16 UTC from web
              1. @scribusclaus 1 and a half years! I'll be here until 2018 when I graduate. Then I'll see if I can still afford to live here or whatever. >_>

                Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:24:05 UTC from web
                1. @celestiaforequestria Well good luck with that!

                  Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:25:13 UTC from web
                2. @celestiaforequestria I always thought about visiting, don't think I could handle living there long-term.

                  Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:25:54 UTC from web
                  1. @scribusclaus It's kind of difficult visiting. I used to take day-trips here (lived 2 hours away) and I always felt very burnt out at the end. Was probably just the bus ride though. ^^; If you did visit, what do you think you'd go to see?

                    Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:29:41 UTC from web
                    1. @celestiaforequestria I was actually thinking about going to the 2016 TromaDance film festival. :p

                      Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:34:25 UTC from web
                      1. @scribusclaus Just looked it up. Looks like a lot of fun! They seem really cool on their about page.

                        Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:38:58 UTC from web
                        1. @celestiaforequestria I was hoping to have a short film to submit, but that didn't pan out (this year). And I find it a little hard to justify travel when I still have about $10k in debt to pay off. But damn it, it DOES look fun and it's the weekend of my birthday!

                          Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:47:02 UTC from web
                          1. @scribusclaus I hope things work out! (With debt and your film) Later! gn

                            Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:50:56 UTC from web
    2. @celestiaforequestria But seriously, Hiya!

      Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:14:31 UTC from web
      1. @scribusclaus Hi! Just stopping in to say hi <:

        Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:15:33 UTC from web
        1. @celestiaforequestria Hi!

          Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:16:12 UTC from web
    3. @celestiaforequestria I don't know you yet, but I already like you a lot. I hear your in good ol NY?

      Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:22:05 UTC from web
      1. @thesidekick I don't know you either! What's up? Thank you ^^ You seem pretty fine yourself. Yep, NY, NY! Surprisingly quiet at night.

        Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:27:12 UTC from web
        1. @celestiaforequestria I was over there ounce for a visit, and let me tell you it was...! underwhelming. Not bad by all means, but nothing really stood out at me and left any long impression, except the fact that I was most definitely not the only one wanting to go up the statue of liberty. Stupid lines...Hope it's going over better for you though, there's plenty to see that I just never got the chance to.

          Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:31:47 UTC from web
          1. @thesidekick haha, strangely enough I've never been to the statue of liberty before. Totally understand though, and there are definitely some places I see tourists where I'm thinking "I really hope this isn't where you form your impression of this city D:". I'm really into the museums and stuff though. Fun fact: there's a new pop-up "museum" called the "Museum of Feelings" that's actually a giant advertisement for Glade air fresheners. So terrifying. (Some of my art-loving peers found out the hard way.) Only in NYC

            Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:36:15 UTC from web
            1. @celestiaforequestria I bet you've gotten a chance to see all the street performers, that's gotta be fun I'm sure. A new thing to watch around just about every corner. Just try not to give any money a street performer near a big group, the second they see you have money and are willing to give it out it's like the seagulls from Finding Nemo. MINE MINE MINE!

              Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:41:04 UTC from web
              1. @thesidekick Street performers are consistently pretty great. (Disclaimer: I don't play any instruments and know nothing about magic tricks, perhaps I'm just easily impressed). Fun story- a couple days ago at the ATM it literally started launching my money out- like shooting it out 5 feet from the machine and I was scrambling to pick up all the 20s as they came out. Thankfully I just got a bunch of confused stares

                Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:46:28 UTC from web
                1. @celestiaforequestria Oh wow, good to hear it didn't go sour. Your only gonna collect more stories to tell as you're there so be sure eat your drugs, stay away from school, and stay in vegetables. Wait...I think I just had a mental stroke. Whatever it's funny. Just don't do what I would do and you're fine.

                  Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:50:51 UTC from web
                  1. @thesidekick /)^ 3^(\ will do. Goodnight!

                    Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:51:37 UTC from web
                    1. @celestiaforequestria Night night, don't let the Muffet bite.

                      Wednesday, 09-Dec-15 05:52:39 UTC from web