1. Would furry creatures have trouble using iPhone touch screens?

    Monday, 29-Feb-16 21:39:14 UTC from web
    1. @mrmattimation You can activate a touch screen with a paw-pad. Cats and dogs both work.

      Monday, 29-Feb-16 21:53:31 UTC from web
    2. @mrmattimation As long as the animal's limb is conductive, they won't. Only animals I imagine would have an issue are those with hooves or lizard claws.

      Monday, 29-Feb-16 22:04:12 UTC from web
      1. @nerthos Skeletons hate Iphone's

        Monday, 29-Feb-16 22:11:21 UTC from web
    3. @mrmattimation Toriel doesn't have a touchscreen phone.

      Monday, 29-Feb-16 22:41:17 UTC from web