1. Really ramped it out today, only 2 or 3 shots left to animate. No sleep 'til it's over.

    Tuesday, 19-Apr-16 23:05:00 UTC from web
    1. @scoot It sounds like you're doing really well, but I hope you don't overexert yourself!

      Tuesday, 19-Apr-16 23:11:06 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      1. @narwhal I have no choice tbh. 2 weeks left to go until deadline. Got a bunch more stuff to do after this.

        Tuesday, 19-Apr-16 23:14:00 UTC from web
        1. @scoot I really think you should try to take occasional breaks when you can, both because out of concern for your health and because it'll help your productivity and work ethic.

          Tuesday, 19-Apr-16 23:33:32 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          1. @narwhal I had been doing that and now I simply can't. I've run out of time. I did 500 frames today and I'm gonna keep going until the film is done.

            Tuesday, 19-Apr-16 23:40:40 UTC from web
          2. @narwhal I do appreciate the concern though

            Tuesday, 19-Apr-16 23:42:37 UTC from web
            1. @scoot Ah, that sounds really rough. In which case, best of luck getting everything done, I believe in you!

              Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:00:14 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              1. @narwhal thanks for cheering me on

                Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:02:13 UTC from web
                1. @scoot It's the least I can do. I know how it feels to have a staggering amount of work to complete and seemingly no time to complete it too, and it's not a good feeling.

                  Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:08:20 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                  1. @narwhal It was fine until I hit the 2-weeks-left zone and now I'm basically falling apart

                    Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:10:53 UTC from web
                    1. @scoot I wish there was more I could do to help. It seems like there's so much you have to do for this assignment.

                      Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:16:16 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                      1. @narwhal It's fine, I'm literally animating the last shots of the film. It wouldn't be fair to outsource parts of this and expect others to have to work to my ridiculous deadlines. Thanks for caring, though

                        Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:19:18 UTC from web
                        1. @scoot I value you and several other users here as good friends of mine, and I want you all to succeed and do well.

                          Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:27:41 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                          1. @narwhal You're too kind

                            Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:29:20 UTC from web
                            1. @scoot Aww shucks, that means a lot to me. Thanks.

                              Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:39:31 UTC from web
                              1. @narwhal no problem, yui

                                Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:42:28 UTC from web