1. My cat has been sniffing the edge of my tablet for a while and I'm unsure what it is he's trying to accomplish

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:53:10 UTC from web
    1. @mrmattimation I'm still using a busted old Bamboo tablet :(

      Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:53:56 UTC from web
      1. @scoot It's a Cintiq Companion 2! I can use it at my PC like a regular monitor but when I'm not at my desk I can take it around with me and work basically anywhere. It's very, very useful but it was also very, very expensive.

        Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:57:46 UTC from web
        1. @mrmattimation If I had any money at all, I'd get a good tablet

          Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 00:59:00 UTC from web