1. so, just saw the dumbest papayaing thing on a RL police show:
    woman1 calls cop
    claims she tried to buy crack from woman2
    and that woman2 took $20 and gave her plaster instead
    woman1 wants her money back
    she LITERALLY called the cop to get her drug money back
    then cop goes and talks to woman2
    asks if she tried to sell drugs to woman1
    woman2 replies: "I don't sell crack, I'm a prostitute"

    Friday, 17-Jun-16 06:47:20 UTC from web
    1. @zennx Are you sure that wasn't on WWE?

      Friday, 17-Jun-16 06:55:31 UTC from web
      1. @polarbeariii man, I hope not, kuz if that's the case the Diva standard has gone WAAAAY down

        Friday, 17-Jun-16 07:08:43 UTC from web
        1. @zennx I actually wouldn't be too surprised if that turned out to be a WWE fan page

          Friday, 17-Jun-16 07:11:10 UTC from web