1. "I liked this film"
    "NO BAD"

    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 16:19:06 UTC from web
    1. @tiffany you're entitle to your own opinion, as long as it's the correct opinion

      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 16:27:21 UTC from
    2. @tiffany At least YOU don't have holocaust deniers, 9/11 truthers, and "vaccines cause autism" nutjobs bashing down your door.

      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:07:10 UTC from web
      1. @mrmattimation sealion club is kind of incredible. did you know they want the PM of Canada to get AIDS and die??

        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:10:01 UTC from web
        1. @tiffany WHOA! Back that Fluffle Puffing truck up. WHO said what? You mean a "member of sealion club" May or may not have said such a thing. Right!?  Please be careful about how you "Phrase" your words. OK.

          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:21:49 UTC from
          1. @pennyfortheguy @tiffany that's a really wordy way to say " is not one person"

            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:23:08 UTC from
            1. @why @tiffany Well,we definitely do not want the Admin or any of the staff getting hauled over the coals for something that they were not a party too. Right?

              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:25:09 UTC from
              1. @pennyfortheguy @tiffany @why is someone word policing? ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ *Starts Tank*

                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:27:26 UTC from
                1. @patriarchybear @tiffany yeah, it almost sounds like @pennyfortheguy isn't accepting the right to free speech

                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:28:55 UTC from
                  1. @why @pennyfortheguy @tiffany i can say 100%  that anything i say is not threatening to any one ... unless they actually use a safe space ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ dont be that guy

                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:30:49 UTC from
                  2. @why @pennyfortheguy @tiffany hmmmm ... i really dont see anything for someone like that to do but mute or block me ... ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ but i am a grown up

                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:31:53 UTC from
                    1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy

                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:32:57 UTC from
                    2. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why 
                      Oh my gawd, Bear! 
                      Blocking and muting are for the grapeing plebs! Princesses do not take any responsibility for themselves  

                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:33:14 UTC from
                      1. @victoriavalkyri @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ here they do ... they can read the TOS before trying to pull that again ... or leave IDC

                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:35:11 UTC from
                        1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why 
                          Why do people, especially adults, not understand that free speech doesn't end when you get butt hurt? 
                          Literally, I have it on my batcaveing profile. Free speech isn't only for pleasant speech or agreeing speech. 
                          It's for everyone. Even when I don't like it, it's still allowed.

                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:37:12 UTC from
                          1. @victoriavalkyri @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why and i am sure i expressed a want for it to happen ... not that i would make it happen
                            # #

                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:38:50 UTC from
                          2. @victoriavalkyri @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why Sentiment echoed!

                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:50:33 UTC from
                  3. @why @patriarchybear @tiffany There's free speech,And then there's bullbanana.We all know how things can so easily get out of hand, Especially with the grapeing media. Somebody saying that "Sea lion Club wants the PM of Canada to get AIDS and die" Is just the sort of Potato Knishes that we don't need propagated. It's not the individual member who will cop that flak. It will be Hope,and she will be kiwiing Potato Knishesed should she have to deal with lies and cherrying innuendos. All I'm asking of people is to appleing THINK before they hit the send button.

                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:37:46 UTC from
                    1. @pennyfortheguy @tiffany @patriarchybear @why 
                      Sealion has this nice hold harmless clause. 
                      Unless an administrator said it, it can't even mildly be stated that way. That us an exaggeration made to elicit an emotional group response as a way to deflect from being a whiney little cherry. 

                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:39:47 UTC from
                    2. @pennyfortheguy @tiffany @why Thought police are here ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ keep going ... i will just mute you ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ please

                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:39:55 UTC from
                      1. @patriarchybear don't mute, just silently judge and laugh at stupidity

                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:42:35 UTC from
                    3. @pennyfortheguy @tiffany @why According to the TOS ... batcave yourself ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ

                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:40:42 UTC from
                    4. @pennyfortheguy @tiffany @patriarchybear "Free Speech (just kidding, not really)"

                      And everyone should think before they hit the send button, especially people like you who make infinitely wordy posts riddled with grammatical errors.

                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:41:09 UTC from
                      1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @tiffany oh no someone gona go full gramer natzi on this site now? :O

                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:41:50 UTC from
                        1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear i don't point out grammatical errors, too unproductive. i encourage people to use proper grammar so that anyone who chooses to read your post is actually able to read it.

                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:44:29 UTC from
                          1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @nameles @tiffany  sorry to but in here but there is a lot of peoiple here who don't come from english spoken country and don't neceseraly know english grammar either. i guess my point is if it is comprehenssible you got to give some slack even to adult

                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:48:34 UTC from
                            1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @nameles i know and understand that some people aren't skilled in english. i'm familiar with people unable to use contractions, occasional typos, or any other little things that might happen in an online post. poor grammar isn't a reason to hate someone, but proper grammar is a reason to like them. everyone should improve their communication skills, which starts with proper sentence structure and brevity.

                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:00:16 UTC from
                              1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @nameles @tiffany i wasn't ttalking about chalenge people or the one with language comprehension probleme but with people from foreigne country (like i am). you make good argument but i think that the inclusivity of this site (in particular) in opposite to twitter, should be that we tolerrate more of people we don(t understand. FrankerZ i sound like a sjw here......... well my point is still valid i think

                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:07:37 UTC from
                                1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why @nameles i think you are trying to say you want a place where people are willing to learn from each other ... rather than draw battle lines ... questions ... that will help over come all short comings ... language, spelling ...context ... you ask ... they answer ... you learn ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ

                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:10:46 UTC from
                                  1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why would be amazing wouldn't it! XD more worried about the context of the idea then how its spelled or what the grammer is.

                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:12:57 UTC from
                                    1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why the thing is, and you have to take me with a grain of pepper here.
                                      50 year ago and 500 year before that the only people who where heard were the one who could be articulate and/or the most litterate, trough book and newspaper they somehow ad to spell, writes and think grammatically correctly

                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:16:54 UTC from
                                      1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why don't get me wrong I like spelling and grammer, and am constantly learning but pointing out peoples mistakes in a non supportive way doesn't help or teach them and only makes u come off as a mango grammer natzi. imo atleast. more important things in the world to worrie about then if I misspelled something or didn't add the second o to too.

                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:21:34 UTC from
                                        1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare i never pointed out mistakes in a non-supportive way, though. stop putting words in my mouth

                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:23:31 UTC from
                                          1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @tiffany I am not putting words in your mouth and I was talking about the general grammer/spelling natzi. im sry if u hear someone talking in general and instantly think im talking about u specifically. I still stand by what I said, going outa ur way to negitivly correct someone to make yourself feel cause u been abused your whole life to think its ok is sad.

                                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:25:43 UTC from
                                            1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare so you're not calling me a grammar nazi? sounds like you aren't reading your own posts:
                                     - "someone gona go full gramer natzi on this site now?"
                                     - "some other grammer natzi might correct u down the road"
                                     - "u come off as a Potato Knishes grammer natzi"
                                              you also accused me of being abused as a kid: "im sry u were mentally abused to the point that u think its normal to try to feel superior to others that wernt abused as kids"
                                              i wasn't abused as a kid, you pulled that out of your ass and used it as an argument.

                                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:31:29 UTC from
                                              1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @tiffany and umm my text to grammer natzis has what to do with u saying im putting words in your mouth? O.o

                                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:34:01 UTC from
                                        2. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why last of history lesson.
                                          much like patriarchy writing communication will be soon remplace by a allcompassing ship/controller/communication device planted in your head at 3 year old

                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:24:29 UTC from
                                          1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why naw ingsoc is way easier.

                                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:26:27 UTC from
                                            1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why not so sure, and if you think about it the evolution of technology do go the way of thought transmission/control orwell and asimof perfect nightmare

                                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:28:49 UTC from
                                              1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why add in the movie brave new world and I would say its wher we heading

                                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:30:11 UTC from
                                                1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why 1984 was a how to guide ... it was supposed to be a warning ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ

                                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:31:29 UTC from
                                                  1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why @nameles did you forget to type an “not”? — Happens to me all the time. Think at not but forget to type it.

                                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:35:21 UTC from
                                                    1. @sockenpuppe @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why people still say not after a scentance? I thought that ended in the late 80's

                                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:42:05 UTC from
                                                  2. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why @nameles Can't wait for Fahrenheit 451 to become real! /s

                                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:35:41 UTC from
                                                    1. @panzervoulait @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why @nameles It will look more like Idiocracy thats why i have my tank

                                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:37:18 UTC from
                                                      1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why @nameles Safety first!

                                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:38:10 UTC from
                                                        1. @panzervoulait @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why freedom first, with freedom u can create your own safty

                                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:43:57 UTC from
                                                          1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @panzervoulait soprry but no, freedom is a concept that is in and on itself free of consequence. get me here you can't ask other people to give you freedom, you have to earn it. you can't similarly ask people to love you or what you writing and sure as hell not how you're writing it

                                                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:48:22 UTC from
                                                            1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @panzervoulait no one gives u freedom u are born with it, freedom only gets taken away.

                                                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:50:28 UTC from
                                                              1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @panzervoulait that's not thruth at all. you actually defacto belong to your parents when you are born. and became free if and only if the society considare you to be mentally and physically fit

                                                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:56:09 UTC from
                                                                1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @panzervoulait with true freedom u have the right to create your own security

                                                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:58:41 UTC from
                                                                2. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles @panzervoulait Taken from 2013, but still pretty amusing;

                                                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:00:46 UTC from
                                                                  1. @jj @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why @nameles @panzervoulait Well then Child support is now the responsibility of the community Good luck with that ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ

                                                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:03:49 UTC from
                                                                    1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why @nameles @panzervoulait Considering how much society despises fathers I'm surprised they don't make all men pay triple taxes so they can give the money to women in patriarchy reparations.

                                                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:07:27 UTC from
                                                                      1. @jj @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why @nameles @panzervoulait dont say that ... someone is now going to start saying it ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ what have you done you fool?

                                                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:08:27 UTC from
                                                                        1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why @nameles @panzervoulait I'm sure it's already been discussed in women's studies classes all over the western world.

                                                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:11:38 UTC from
                                                            2. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles @panzervoulait
                                                              Then no one has freedom. You can never be free of the consequences of your choices and actions. You can't escape reality. Everything you do, or don't do, has a consequence. But it is true that because people take our individual rights away, we have to take them back... to value them, and uphold them. Or else we lose them like we see today... slowly eroding them.

                                                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:58:04 UTC from
                                                              1. @sim @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles @panzervoulait the fact that no one has freedom is one of the cornerstone of phylosophy and freethougth school

                                                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:59:46 UTC from
                                                                1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles @panzervoulait
                                                                  I suppose it depends on how you define freedom. To have no consequences with reality, means that you don't have any impact on it. Anything you do, wouldn't matter. In fact... you couldn't exist. What kind of freedom is that?

                                                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:03:14 UTC from
                                                                  1. @sim @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why @panzervoulait u cannot live without concenquences. its part of reality. natural law does not impose on human freedom. that's like saying well ur not free because u exhale carbonmonixide. that is not an infrindgement on your freedoms

                                                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:05:30 UTC from
                                                                    1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why @panzervoulait
                                                                      Personally, I don't want freedom from reality. It would be moot. I think of freedom in relation to individual rights. As long as my individual rights are upheld, I am free to pursue my life as I please. When they are infringed upon, that takes away my freedom.

                                                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:11:53 UTC from
                                                                  2. @sim @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @nameles @panzervoulait "freedom" is just a concept to help us understand society. just like "time", it breaks down when you try to study it past the surface-level implication. having laws that allow freedom is like a rule that bans rules: cool in theory, but absolutely useless in a population greater than 200 people

                                                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:08:20 UTC from
                                                                    1. @why @sim @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @panzervoulait @tiffany so people that live outside scocity aren't free? O.o

                                                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:13:04 UTC from
                                                                    2. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @nameles @panzervoulait @tiffany
                                                                      Doesn't it seem like we need laws that prohibit others from violating our individual rights? Lawmakers should be restricted there too. There are people given power over us, and it seems to be tempting for them to infringe on our rights. They want to control us. If we have any rules, then the rule-makers need to be prohibited too. What makes it useless?

                                                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:16:42 UTC from
                                                                      1. @sim freedom is just a word. you can pair it with just about any preposition and any verb to make a cool concept, but it's always going to stay at that concept. you can make rules that allow for that concept to be in place, but it's still just a concept. besides, making rules means limiting freedom

                                                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:44:01 UTC from
                                                                        1. @why
                                                                          When you put it that way... every word we have is just a word. How you define the word, give it context and meaning are what matters. I don't think it makes it useless... it is helpful in helping to understand concepts. But make them too broad, and they become pointless. Again... it depends on the freedom that you are seeking. Rules don't necessarily limit certain types of freedom. Sometimes they can secure freedoms... like with upholding individual rights.

                                                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:50:41 UTC from
                                                      2. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why @panzervoulait I think we already in idiocracy. look at our elections. lololol

                                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:42:43 UTC from
                                                        1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why @panzervoulait electrolytes
                                                          its what bears want

                                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:43:33 UTC from
                                  2. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @conradlebarbare @why @nameles I....I agree with @patriarchybear And...this site seems to be trying do just that. Be a place...where...we all can come together and just talk. Share ideas without...fear or shame. 

                           didn't sound like an all. Pleasey worries ^.^

                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:28:26 UTC from
                                    1. @nayltefa @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles lol tks that actually chear me up

                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:30:20 UTC from
                              2. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @tiffany proper grammer is a reason to like someone? please elaborate! XD

                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:07:48 UTC from
                                1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why I find people are far more attractive when I can understand them and they can indicate intelligence, neh?

                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:08:36 UTC from
                                  1. @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why like I said b4 its sad u cant understand them unless they use perfect grammer. :/ not sure who is showing ther lack of intelignce in that situation. maby both?

                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:11:02 UTC from
                                    1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch i deem a post unreadable if i need to go over it more than 2 times to understand the meaning. much like avant-garde film or modern art, you can eventually understand what the creator is trying to say, even though it can be done in a more concise manner.

                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:16:38 UTC from
                                      1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany its kool, figuring out meanings of sentences is hard. XD

                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:18:39 UTC from
                                        1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch but with proper grammar, figuring out the meanings of sentences can be easier.

                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:22:36 UTC from
                                          1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany maby for u but most people can read right over it without missing a step

                                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:23:06 UTC from
                                            1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why But we have to think slightly harder.  Which makes us less inclined to like what you have to say

                                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:30:49 UTC from
                                              1. @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why oh no, u might not like me!!?!?!?!!? u can keep ur feels yo

                                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:31:36 UTC from
                                                1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why So you don't want us to like what you say?  What if you say something really brilliant, but we have to work so hard to read it that we end up hating you?  What then?

                                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:33:00 UTC from
                                                  1. @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why no im saying I don't care if u do or don't like what I say. some will agree and some will disagree. im ok with that and not trying to get u to like me but hopefully one day I say something brilliant, prolly wont tho. XD

                                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:35:32 UTC from
                                                    1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why But that's just it.  Your poor grammar generates less cognitive ease, thus a less favourable response.  Fewer people will agree with you this way.

                                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:37:27 UTC from
                                                      1. @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why if they disagree with me that's fine. im ok with that. XD

                                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:43:25 UTC from
                                                    2. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch there's a difference between liking what someone says and understanding what they say. not understanding means your point doesn't get across. if you don't care about people understanding, why do you bother posting in the first place?

                                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:39:39 UTC from
                                                      1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @nameles @tiffany Good point, Neo.

                                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:41:07 UTC from
                                                      2. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany I don't worrie about grammer/spelling natzies understanding what I say, everyone eles doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

                                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:45:22 UTC from
                                                2. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch "poor grammar isn't a reason to hate someone"
                                                  "oh no, u might not like me" [about using poor grammar]

                                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:33:55 UTC from
                                                  1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany scarasam? O.o I don't care if u don't like me cause my spelling and grammer is all I was saying

                                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:40:43 UTC from
                                              2. @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles there is actually a study that demonstrate your point.
                                                basically the easier to read or comprehend the more likely we considarate it thruth,
                                                verisaterum just made a video about it

                                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:34:15 UTC from
                                                1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles Exactly my point.  Cognitive ease.

                                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:34:43 UTC from
                                                  1. @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles yeah but in the same video he talk about the demonstration of bias who go with it.
                                                    meaning basically that cognitive ease tend to less thinking

                                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:38:48 UTC from
                                                    1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why @nameles @kitsunemanwitch the same way safety gear makes you less likely to act in a safer manner? or sports pads will have athletes take bigger risks but suffer more injuries?

                                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:42:39 UTC from
                                                      1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why @nameles @kitsunemanwitch is that a tautology? i don't get why condom make you more suceptible to catch aids

                                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:44:53 UTC from
                                                        1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles I believe you meant an oxymororn.  A tautology is somethuing like "it looked like itself" "that was a thing"

                                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:46:10 UTC from
                                                          1. @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles sorry

                                                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:50:54 UTC from
                                                            1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles For what, sweetie?

                                                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:51:35 UTC from
                                                        2. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why @nameles @kitsunemanwitch
                                                          sorry looking for a good analogy for what you are saying ... i think i failed on an epic scale

                                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:46:55 UTC from
                                                        3. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @nameles @kitsunemanwitch that analogy doesn't work: a condom can make you more willing to have casual sex more frequently

                                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:48:54 UTC from
                                                          1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @nameles @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany yeah but you're statistically safer if you slept with 8 people with a condom than 1 whitout (total stranger)

                                                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:50:15 UTC from
                                                            1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @nameles @kitsunemanwitch yeah, probably, but statistics could say the same about safety pads (i don't read statistics so i could be wrong)

                                                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:51:52 UTC from
                                                              1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @nameles @tiffany All I know is I wasn't wearing any kind of padding when I crashed into a tree going 15mph downhill on a bike and broke my arm.

                                                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:52:46 UTC from
                                          2. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany yeah it can be eiser for the reader, might be harder for the poster. sounds like both proplr could just put in a little effort. anything is better then listening to people btch and complane that their should be there.

                                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:39:08 UTC from
                                            1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why Agh.  I... ugh.  Nevermind.

                                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:39:53 UTC from
                                            2. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch the poster's effort should come from their desire to be heard. this "desire to be heard" is what motivates you to post in the first place, so making sure your post is grammatically sane won't be much more work.

                                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:43:14 UTC from
                                              1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany all I keep hearing from us is reasons I should accept grammer/spelling natzies. not gona happen. sry

                                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:48:56 UTC from
                                                1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch i'm giving you arguments on why you should care about grammar. you're the one making it about the people who are sticklers on grammar.

                                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:50:34 UTC from
                                                  1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany I already said I learn more about it everyday. so because im agienst grammer/spelling natzies u take that as I hate grammer and spelling? wow

                                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:52:26 UTC from
                                                    1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why I've noticed you improve over the course of this conversation.  Occasionally dipping, but still.

                                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:53:22 UTC from
                                                    2. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch i never argued for grammar nazis, the argument was always about why you should care about grammar. you brought them up in the first place, and always used them as a scapegoat for my side of the argument

                                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:54:03 UTC from
                                                      1. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany im sry I condersider people that go outa ther way to correct peoples spelling/grammer to be a grammer natzi. if u quack like a duck u prolly are

                                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:56:14 UTC from
                                                        1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why There's a difference between giving a FrankerZ and being a papaya.

                                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:57:20 UTC from
                                                          1. @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why im just a papaya and I give nones!

                                                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:59:18 UTC from
                                                        2. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch and i don't defend people who go out of their way to correct people's spelling or grammar. like i said, it's pointless as it'll only make people mad at you.

                                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:59:32 UTC from
                                                          1. @why @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @nameles @kitsunemanwitch  YOU'R*

                                                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:01:18 UTC from
                                                            1. @iceloops123 @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @why I prefer ur, from back in the short hand texting days.

                                                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:03:24 UTC from
                                                              1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why @iceloops123 Too ambiguous for my taste.  But suit yourself.

                                                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:04:07 UTC from
                                                              2. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why @iceloops123 God damn that was a long time ago.  Now I feel old.

                                                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:04:38 UTC from
                                                          2. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany either they get mad about it or buy into it and become one themselves. lol XD

                                                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 19:01:49 UTC from
                                                2. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why Do what you want, @nameles, I no longer care, dear.

                                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:50:37 UTC from
                                                  1. @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why what do I want? I wasent aware I was asking for something. O.o

                                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:53:05 UTC from
                                      2. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @nameles @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany then again 540 year ago we as a species collctivelly manage to spread communication on a international scale without the need for writing

                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:19:40 UTC from
                                  2. @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why @nameles I completely understand your thoughts on this matter.

                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:12:07 UTC from
                                    1. @mtconfessor @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @conradlebarbare @why @kitsunemanwitch but the horrid spelling and grammer! :O

                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:13:28 UTC from
                                      1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @mtconfessor @conradlebarbare @why @kitsunemanwitch  this is why i am so adorable ... and a bear ... ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ

                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:15:35 UTC from
                                        1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @mtconfessor @conradlebarbare @why @nameles Rawr

                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:16:15 UTC from
                                        2. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @mtconfessor @why @nameles @kitsunemanwitch you're not adorable #

                                          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:17:31 UTC from
                                          1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @mtconfessor @why @nameles @kitsunemanwitch You just dont like fuzzy bears ... ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ i understand

                                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:18:37 UTC from
                                            1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @mtconfessor @why @nameles @kitsunemanwitch no i do like bearing and sugatits

                                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:21:20 UTC from
                                              1. @conradlebarbare @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @mtconfessor @why @kitsunemanwitch yes bearing and sugar Potato Knishes are awesome!

                                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:22:35 UTC from
                                                1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @mtconfessor @conradlebarbare @why You're all crazy.  He's adorable as FrankerZ.

                                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:23:11 UTC from
                                2. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why it's a misnomer i think.
                                  in french there is a saying "les gouts et les couleurs" meaning taste and color are things that pople arbitrarily like and can't reaaly be explain with logic

                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:10:33 UTC from
                          2. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @tiffany so because ther are a couple grammer issues u cant understand it? O.o

                            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:48:39 UTC from
                            1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why it can dramatically change the context of something by moving a comma ... so to people who can write properly yes ... grammar is key ... i am not one of those people.

                              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:50:00 UTC from
                              1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why I never seem to have trouble understanding people with bad grammer. weird how much people seem to struggle with a misspelt word or a missing period.

                                Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:51:14 UTC from
                                1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why and this is why you are not a lawyer ... and i never be one either

                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:52:17 UTC from
                                  1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why @nameles Legal eagle!  Regal legal eagle!  Regal eagle, legal seagull, squawk!!!!

                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:53:04 UTC from
                                    1. @kitsunemanwitch @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles How long did you have to think about that prior to posting ;-)?

                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:57:17 UTC from
                                      1. @justthinking @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @nameles Nope, dope, rope, giraffe!

                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:00:25 UTC from
                                  2. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why im not a laywer cause I have morals, has nothing to do with the fact that don't freak out over grammer. besides is being a grammer natzi really a requirement to become a laywer or do u just have to have good grammer? cause going out of ur way to correct other peoples grammer has nothing to do with being a laywer unless ur helping someone write a law.

                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:54:54 UTC from
                                    1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why 
                                      From many of the court documents I'm dealing with, spell checking isn't even required 

                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:57:18 UTC from
                                    2. @nameles @why @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear A+

                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:59:33 UTC from
                                      1. @rw @pennyfortheguy @nameles @tiffany @why I would like to thank zombie Jesus ... and you too mohummed ... come on up on ... no! NO! Bad mohummed! who let his child wife in here? #

                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:23:39 UTC from
                                2. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear i don't either, but a misspelled word or missing period can backfire the poster's point, and results in the post looking unprofessional or even childish

                                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:03:54 UTC from
                                  1. @why @pennyfortheguy @nameles @tiffany yes, a very valid point ... but to someone like me ... i am here for the lulz ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ we can all get along

                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:05:44 UTC from
                                    1. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why of cores! I luv ur bananalord ass! XD its what makes conversations fun!

                                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:09:56 UTC from
                                      1. @nameles @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why ʕ・(ᴥ)・ʔ awe shucks

                                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:21:14 UTC from
                                  2. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @tiffany that persone could always go back and correct it if it really causes that much confusion. u cant really correct someone unless u know what it was intended to say tho

                                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:09:04 UTC from
                  4. @why @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @tiffany Sorry neo . he is responding to @tiffany who is claiming SeaLion Club is responsible for our comments here. Penny is setting @tiffany straight.

                    Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:44:04 UTC from
                    1. @justthinking @tiffany @pennyfortheguy i was playing off the post by @patriarchybear to make a joke
                      i also started Potato Knishes, which was the main reason for me jumping in

                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:46:10 UTC from
                    2. @justthinking @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why  bronies live in their moms basement

                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:46:55 UTC from
                      1. @iceloops123 @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why @justthinking Proven fact

                        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:48:26 UTC from
                    3. @justthinking @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @patriarchybear @why 
                      Because apparently, defending your argument is no longer taught in schools as part of persuasive writing. They probably grew up writing stories about bunnies and getting happy faces instead of grades and other stupid Fluffle Puff like that. So now, when they express and unpopular opinion, they don't defend it, they try to make you look like you're just a big blue meanie 

                      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:47:43 UTC from
                2. @patriarchybear @tiffany @pennyfortheguy @why 
                  Sealion is about free speech. 
                  If you don't like it, apple off back to twitter where your feelings outweigh all sense, reason or rights. 

                  Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:30:01 UTC from
          2. @pennyfortheguy You're right, is not one person. It's just a hive mind.

            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 18:55:10 UTC from web
        2. @tiffany @mrmattimation I personally want him to get AIDS and suffer for as long as possible

          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:30:33 UTC from
          1. @bashford @tiffany @mrmattimation 
            I just want him to stop talking. Just no more talking. He was elected because he's pretty. He should shut up and stand there and be pretty and let grown ups run the country 

            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:34:53 UTC from
            1. @victoriavalkyri @tiffany @mrmattimation pretty? He doesn't do it for me. He's too gender neutral, not many enough or woman enough for me

              Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:37:52 UTC from
        3. @tiffany @mrmattimation As a Canadian I personally endorse that sentiment.

          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:38:02 UTC from
        4. @tiffany @mrmattimation Dont like it, batcave off and die too. IDC

          Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:38:31 UTC from
          1. @justthinking @tiffany @mrmattimation  so is randbow dash network all they do all day is want to play with girl dolls  as sealion user i don't care about PM of canada he is a cuck anyway

            Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:49:21 UTC from
    3. @tiffany Nobody said you couldnt have an opinion, why so upset no one agrees with you? Just as you have your opinion , others have their's, all equally valid.
      Stop behaving like an infant.

      Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:41:31 UTC from
      1. @justthinking I'm not even upset lmao

        Saturday, 23-Jul-16 17:43:30 UTC from web