1. Hillary hasn't said anything yet has she

    Wednesday, 09-Nov-16 12:29:04 UTC from web
    1. @awl no, and to think we were all worried that President TRUMP would not make a consession speech

      Wednesday, 09-Nov-16 12:30:24 UTC from web
    2. @awl  dude i heard she had a kiniption fit and is going to sue Pennsyltucky. Where my beloved Zeptar, Scranton, Pennsylvania is.

      Wednesday, 09-Nov-16 12:37:20 UTC from
    3. @awl She privately phoned President Trump to concede the election and will presumably be speaking tonight.

      Wednesday, 09-Nov-16 12:41:13 UTC from web
      1. @mrmattimation well if nothing else that's good.

        Wednesday, 09-Nov-16 12:42:35 UTC from web
        1. @awl Obama also apparently invited Trump to the White House to discuss things. What things I'm not sure, but that's a thing that's happening.

          Wednesday, 09-Nov-16 12:46:19 UTC from web
    4. @awl After her official concession?

      Wednesday, 09-Nov-16 12:34:21 UTC from