1. after waking up, tris and the other initiates went to training grounds with targets in the room, Eric commanded everyone to hit the target with knifes and he had a very bad mood since his team lost in capture the flag, everyone succeeds after a few tries except Al so Eric decides to punish him by telling him to get his knife while everyone is still shooting he refuses so Eric told him to stand in front of the target while four throws his knifes so he could learn not to flinch but tris intervenes and takes Al's place, Four tries to goad her up but she takes the challenge with determination and at the final knife throw four nicks tris's ear, Eric then calls it a day.

    about a month ago from web
    1. @shadowboltmoon A lot of commas where one could use semicolons or full-stops I think.

      about a month ago from web
    2. @shadowboltmoon the plural of knifes is knives

      about a month ago from web

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