1. I find myself suddenly wanted to kill some Zombies

    Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:08:39 UTC from web
    1. @lyrica Okay you crazy pony, go kill zombies. I'm gonna rip the hearts out of people >:D

      Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:09:16 UTC from web
      1. @hugmaster I only got 1 Zombie Killing game and it's Multiplayer

        Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:09:42 UTC from web
        1. @lyrica L4D2?

          Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:10:07 UTC from web
          1. @hugmaster yep, and I know a great group to play with, just need to wait for them all to want to play, isn't that right @redenchilada

            Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:10:59 UTC from web
            1. @lyrica I play L4D2, but I get stuck on servers with little kids. Ugh.

              Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:12:17 UTC from web
            2. @lyrica But I already promised Toks I'd play Spirally Knots with him as soon as I finished doing some things. (I assume he was asking about it :x) Speaking of, you guys distracted meee. :(

              Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:12:18 UTC from web
              1. @redenchilada I have to buy groceries, I won't be able to play until later (I'll be gone for at least three hours)

                Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:13:10 UTC from web
                1. @toksyuryel Oh, that'll probably leave me time then. The stuff I need to do will only take me a few minutes once I actually get to it :)

                  Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:14:22 UTC from web
                2. @toksyuryel Also buy lots of ice cream (:

                  Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:15:23 UTC from web
                  1. @redenchilada Only if you post a picture of Scootaloo eating ice cream

                    Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:17:21 UTC from web
                    1. @toksyuryel I don't have anyyyyyyyyy ;~;

                      Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:18:16 UTC from web
              2. @redenchilada That reminds me, I need to install Sprawling Kites so I can start poking at it.

                Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:13:25 UTC from web
                1. @bitshift If you ever do, add Useless-Sidekick to your friends. (Or if you're playing through your Steam account it'll automatically add me)

                  Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:15:48 UTC from web
              3. @redenchilada I need to play Spiral Knights one of these days

                Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:14:26 UTC from web
                1. @lyrica I played that as far as I needed to get my tf2 hat, and that was it. Just couldn't get into it.

                  Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:15:52 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                  1. @eaglehooves TF2 hat? I heard hat. I smell all the hats.

                    Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:16:24 UTC from web
                    1. @hugmaster How did you do that?!

                      Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:17:24 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                      1. @eaglehooves Magic.

                        Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:18:10 UTC from web
    2. @lyrica DO ett Filly

      Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 19:09:35 UTC from web

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