1. @kitredgrave  there's a lot here that I agree and disagree with. I'd add 1. when you start in your career, you're automatically not a good developer (the universe admits exceptions.) so it is always hard for new people to get hired. 2. everywhere is dysfunctional, you want to avoid places that are _highly_ dysfunctional. The software industry is not particularly special there, people that do software have unreasonable expectations of reality, possibly due to being constrained reality-creators. 3. my experience has been that stable places pay low, exciting places pay well but are hard to get a job at because of competition, and contracting pays well but bunches of people won't even consider the work (also, all contracting jobs are HIGHLY DYSFUNCTIONAL environments, see #) 4. from the hiring side, 90+% of people applying are terrible. I have never given a whiteboard test in my life, I hate taking them and hate giving them, but you keep getting

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    1. @moonman @kitredgrave Around here it's pretty hard to find devs, because traditional corporate sweatshops (that's what most Romanian IT is) tend to pay pretty well for even a modicum of skill (good pay here is peanuts by Silly Valley / London / whatever standards, so they can afford it). This means smaller companies need to either pay well, provide interesting work, have a cool team, or become cults (some of those are cringy AF, but they're easy to spot because they tend to have some sort of uniform). Probably the best ones to work for actually pay less than the market, but compensate with a pleasant work environment and have curated nice groups of people. Whether they are outsourcing shops or developing something of their own doesn't seem to matter: the appletiest place I've ever worked at was a start-up that got acqhired by hootsuite a few years ago, and I a have former colleague from there who went on to a small outsourcing company and is very

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    2. @moonman @kitredgrave
      >all contracting jobs are HIGHLY DYSFUNCTIONAL environments
      I'm have a contract with my employer and it's not HIGHLY DISFUNCTIONAL as far as I see.

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