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  1. Incase you guys care, these are my top 10 favorite video games:
    #: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA/Wii U)
    #: Mother 2/EarthBound (SNES/GBA - Japan Only/Wii U)
    #: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA/Wii U)
    #: Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (PS2 - Japan Only/PS3)
    #: To The Moon (PC)
    #: Super Paper Mario (Wii)
    #: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team (GBA/NDS)
    #: Persona 4/Persona 4: Golden (PS2/Vita)
    #: Persona 3/Persona 3: FES/Persona 3: Portable (PS2/PSP)
    #: Mother 3 (GBA - Japan Only)

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  2. "Things that made you furry #: Heathcliff." doleING YOUTUBE COMMENTS

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  3. Today I read the three latest MLP comics. Friends Forever # (CMC + Discord) was good, Friends Forever # (Celestia + Spike) was OK, main-series # was fantastic.

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  4. My Little Pony Friends Forever # Comic - Downloads, Variants, Discussion: Discord VS. The Cutie Mark Crusaders. What crazy shinanigans will these guys get into? Expect madness. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I really liked this one. As someone who usually can't get into Cutie Mark Crusader episodes, Discord really made them go from the average to the awesome. That and I love references, so many references >

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  5. We Love Fine Announces # Winner for MLP Season 4 Contest: The second winner of We Love Fine's season 4 contest has been announced over on their contest page. Apparently the artist behind it was one of the people that rocked their Ponies Vs. Villains contest best seller list. I think you can guess which character took the gold from the teaser above. Head on over for it! >

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  6. @mushi Internet law #: You cannot be a straight white male who is perfectly comfortable with their gender. That is punishable by condemnation from the entire internet.

    Internet law #: You cannot, in any way, suggest that you do not hate the NSA. That is punishable by being swarmed with conspiracy theorists telling you how much of an idiot you are.

    Internet law #: If you're a brony, internet law # does not apply to you BUT it comes at the cost of having to make inappropriate forum posts constantly.

    Internet law #: You have to like Attack on Titan for some reason.

    Internet law #: If you're an artist, you can't charge people for commissions or else you're a total asshole.

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  7. MLP Friends Forever Comic # Previews on iTunes: The 2nd installment of the side Friends Forever series for the official pony comics is out on the 26th of February, and as usual, ! Head on down below the break for large size ones if you don't have an Apple device to view them.  Thanks to Masem for the heads up. >

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  8. Official MLP Comic Pony Tales # - 9 Page Preview: The second installment of Pony Tales, the compilation series that covers the Micro Comics (Celestia, Luna, CMC, and Spike in this case) is releasing tomorrow. While there isn't a whole lot of new here, it's a good way to catch up on the last half a year of micros. Comicosity has a 9 page preview up. Find that over ! >

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  9. And #

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  10. Friends Forever # New Comic Cover Revealed: Discord and the CMC! I can only imagine what madness these guys are going to get into togeather. IDW tossed this up over on . Thanks to Greg for the heads up! >

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  11. Poll Results: Power Ponies Poll # Who Had the Best Power?: Powers were tough in Power Ponies. Dash could already control weather, Pinkie could already move at incredible space time breaking speeds, and Twilight seemed to have been pretty heavily nerfed. I guess it makes sense that Fluttershy won second place with an actual new ability. Rarity's victory was inevitable though. She was almost as Great and Powerful as a ce >

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  12. @snowcone Reply #: I'm overall a pretty girly guy, which isn't overly obvious online. But I am soooo not macho whatsoever. XD

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  13. @mushi Okay, #) #) That...DA Thanks for that.

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  14. @[email protected] ... and you're actually # top denter in the !fediverse - only @schestowitz has 10k dents more than you. #

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  15. SIDE NOTE #: Starbound is popular and lots of fun. Servers? How about Edge of Space? Kingdoms Rise? Just got all of those. :D

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  16. Game: Horse Game Update # Video: This game seriously has the most satisfying clip clop sound ever.  I've been hoping for a 3D pony game forever now, soand make it thrive to completion!Build video below the break!  >

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  17. @yodelerty Okay. 1.) Don't give a !#@% what people think. 2.) Don't harm or threaten anybody else, ever. 3.) Do what you want to do, within rule #'s confines, and be happy about it because it's what you WANT to do with your life. The End.

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  18. Short Animation: Journey of the Spark Animation Tests # / Attack on Spaghetti / Support Your Local Post: Pinkie Pie, get away from that mailbox We have some short flash/animation stuff this time around, starting with a Journey of the Spark promo filled with animation tests their guys are playing around with.  Some are super simple, while others are pretty funny.  It's worth checking out. Slot number two is more Attack on >

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  19. Friends Forever Issue # - Discord and CMC: Yesterday we saw the cover, and I completely missed the synopsis in the list, so have another update. Following the trend that this new series will be doing throughout, the two chosen for the second installment of the Friends Forever line will be Discord and the CMC as a group. Head on down below the break for the synopsis, page number, writer, and usual stuff, and thanks t >

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  20. How do you like the news that a married # couple can have # kids when one of the parents was an # child ? cc @question

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  21. Rule #: If you repost somebody's art on FB and never credit them out of purposeful decisions because you want all those precious page views for yourself, YOU ARE A @#%!HEAD AND YOU SHOULD BE ETERNALLY PUNISHED.

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  22. Actual, staff approved list of Coolest RDN® Members™; #: redenchilada. #: everyone else

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  23. Hold your horses! if you know that this criminal activity was done by # humans why didn't you report them yet ? cc @question

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  24. livestreaming lecture # "Oh, Freedom" by Moglen at 4:30 Eastern time (UTC-4), series: "Snowden and the Future"

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  25. @anarchycarcino Certainly doesn't seem the gameplay, as you had said. Reading through the bit of # it looks atrocious. Deadly Premonition seems like WindWaker in comparision.

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  26. @mushi You can only advertise before it comes out. And it left the charts already, at #

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  27. There are still 5 months until you turn #

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  28. @cross yea he wrote work order # for bank A. WO # should have been for bank B. But he put bank A's name on it. Then said, "here is a WO for that bank that is far away." I forget the town names and start driving towards Ludlow. :P

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  29. labcoat this character is already at #

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  30. Pony in a Box All Aboard: Storybook Miniseries #: Pony In a  Box has released their second installment of All Aboard, their storybook miniseries.  If you need something to listen to whole truckin away at whatever you have planned today, head on down below the break for it.   And if you need to catch up, find part one ! >

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