Alcoholic Beast (drinkingpony)'s status on Tuesday, 28-May-19 22:47:25 UTC

  1. Today I made fun of a lolcow who made a YouTube video with a bunch of friends. I did not even know 'lolcow's existed but aparently it is someone who keeps attacking a single post/topic and making a bigger joke of themselves every time they to approach it from a different angle and failing really hard.

    And then I learned about Patrick H Willems, Eric Taxxon, Saint Jack, Downward Thrust, Quinton Reviews and most importantly Mauler and his ragtag group of friends. By the looks of it these here podcasts go up to at least 7 days.

    Well, I know what I will be doing if I have boring security routines to run or something untill about the start of 2020. Maybe even indeffinitely seeing how fast those podcasts are made. I'd link the channel but I'm afraid some bot would kill me if I mention the abbreviation of Every Frame A Pause. In case you are interested watch # and #, I think they are probably my favorite sofar.

    about 7 months ago from web

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