1. Bedtime! Nighty night, chums! :D

    Friday, 10-Jun-11 22:37:16 UTC from web
    1. @thelastgherkin G'night!

      Friday, 10-Jun-11 22:37:40 UTC from web
    2. @thelastgherkin Sleep tight, and I hope you dream something nice!

      Friday, 10-Jun-11 22:40:48 UTC from web
    3. @thelastgherkin Rest well.

      Friday, 10-Jun-11 22:43:01 UTC from web
      1. @possiblynotretl oh you, hey! Your couldn't possibly be retl.

        Friday, 10-Jun-11 22:44:56 UTC from web
        1. @miloth Yourself?

          Friday, 10-Jun-11 22:46:07 UTC from web
        2. @miloth Well, technically, there's a 1 in <really really big number> chance that I am, but it's not very likely.

          Friday, 10-Jun-11 22:59:12 UTC from web
          1. @possiblynotretl I don't know who you are but I know one thing. Your possibly not retl

            Friday, 10-Jun-11 23:00:24 UTC from StatusNet Android
            1. @carcinopony I agree with this notion.

              Friday, 10-Jun-11 23:04:22 UTC from web
              1. @possiblynotretl I concur.

                Friday, 10-Jun-11 23:04:38 UTC from web
              2. @possiblynotretl so man who isn't retl in the least bit, know who I despise?

                Friday, 10-Jun-11 23:05:42 UTC from StatusNet Android
                1. @carcinopony I do not see it in your account's profile, therefore I am quite uncertain.

                  Friday, 10-Jun-11 23:10:02 UTC from web
                  1. @possiblynotretl retl.

                    Friday, 10-Jun-11 23:11:45 UTC from StatusNet Android
                    1. @carcinopony Oh. Amusing. Go figure.

                      Friday, 10-Jun-11 23:14:12 UTC from web
                      1. @possiblynotretl I kno rite

                        Friday, 10-Jun-11 23:16:47 UTC from StatusNet Android
                    2. @carcinopony Hey, I read that! That's not very friendship-y.

                      Friday, 10-Jun-11 23:14:14 UTC from web
                      1. @retl *pulls out a cigarette* deal with it

                        Friday, 10-Jun-11 23:17:30 UTC from StatusNet Android
          2. @possiblynotretl Okay, notretl.

            Friday, 10-Jun-11 23:11:33 UTC from web
      2. @possiblynotretl are you knew brony

        Saturday, 11-Jun-11 17:17:28 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        1. @theawesomepony Oh I think he's KNEW, alright.

          Saturday, 11-Jun-11 17:19:36 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        2. @theawesomepony Questionable. I did know about Bronies before I got here. I also knew about Brownies. I tend to misread the former for the latter and desire sweets.

          Saturday, 11-Jun-11 17:19:48 UTC from web
          1. @possiblynotretl dammit now i want brownies i blame you for everything

            Saturday, 11-Jun-11 17:21:11 UTC from web
            1. @madflavors If I hadn't just had a huge chunk of cake earlier in this day, I would quite like a brownie right about now as well.

              Saturday, 11-Jun-11 17:27:21 UTC from web
          2. @possiblynotretl Brownies, as in the small girl scout kind of thing, or brownies in the racist sense, or brownies in the sweet treat variety?

            Saturday, 11-Jun-11 17:22:55 UTC from web
            1. @nvrrmbr

              Saturday, 11-Jun-11 17:25:59 UTC from web
          3. @possiblynotretl oh ok i talking about being knew to this website

            Saturday, 11-Jun-11 17:28:57 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
            1. @theawesomepony This account on RainbowDashNetwork is relatively recent, correct. My knowledge of the site's existence is not as new.

              Saturday, 11-Jun-11 17:39:15 UTC from web