1. man, this AGDQ was bananaing garbage
    it was literally a bunch boring soulless segments with people talking in monotone voices about how patterns are executed, "there's is only a 12.23% chance of me walking this cave without any encounters" I watch speedruns to distract myself from math, not to be reminded it exists

    FrankerZ me, even SpikeVegeta sounds like his soul has been sucked out of his body

    I don't even care what caused one of the coolest events of the year to turn into a papayaing snore-fest.
    I only want it fixed or euthanised.

    about a year ago from web
    1. @zennx Dude... I don't know what you mean. There were plenty of speedruns that had a lot of energy and probabilities (math) were barely mentioned. It sounds like you watched the randomized Zelda part. And by its very nature they have to analyze the randomizer in order to determine a path that is likely to be the ideal path. Also the games are played on machines that are called "computer", based on the word "to compute", which is basically math.

      about a year ago from web
      1. @adiwan my point is that all the fun people were banned and now the best we can get is deadpan, child-safe humor. (and that's the best case scenario, the other option is cringe)
        analysing mechanics is fun occasionally, but when it's nothing but that then it turns into a lecture...

        about a year ago from web